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Itchy glans

Itchy glans


I would like to know if I am doing something wrong when doing wet jelqs.

Right after a 20mn jelquing session, my glans is purple with darker spots.
1mn after it’s colour is back to normal with just red little dots.

Few hours later, it becomes itchy: not too much, just a little for a couple of hours.
I am wondering if it is normal or not, if I should take a break or if it could be an allergy to the lube?

Thanks for your help,

Let the itching subside and use a different lube next time you jelq, perhaps a moisturiser for sensitive skin or something? If the problem persists, then there is an underlying problem. If not don’t use the same lube anymore. Unless you like having an itchy dick of course!

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During times when I’ve had good/great gains my glans usually becomes itchy and this is without using lubes, pretty much all of my routine is dry work. From my personal experience it’s a good thing for me but no doubt it could be debated either way.

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Temporary itching=good, lasting days itching=no good

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