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It works

It works

It all started with ‘what the hell’ nothing to loose. Read a lot, researched a lot, videos, documentaries, papers, researches, experiments, legendary PE growers. I am not much of a measurer, but I know that girls never complimented me and I always felt intimidated to show my unit in the shower. Started out with a 14 cm and on good days, a huge kegel and bone pressed I reached 15cm; that is 5ish in inches. It has been almost 5 years, I am not quite sure for how long I have been growing, but I know that I have been consistent. The first 3 months I was following the newbie routine and I had a schedule set, with breaks and all that you have read about. After that. I just went on my own, stopped reading and researching and simply decided to listen to my body. Jelqing, kegeling, clamping using my hand; I never used anything other than my hands. I am now 17cm, and bone pressed 18cm. My width grew from a 4.7’ to a 5’, just what I wanted. 17cm is perfect for a good blowjob, it doesn’t disturb any girl and they never feel like their are shocking on a pole, and I use my full 18cm when I am penetrating her, and it does feel great for both of us, friction is much greater and her face is much more beautiful when she closes her eyes and wrinkles all over her face when I first go, all in. I gained what I wanted for now. If it wasn’t for the nice and friendly atmosphere I witnessed on this forum, I would have never shared my story. But thanks to you all guys, I reached a goal and I am more confident with what I got.

Guys, if there is one thing I have learned is that you should be consistent, keep your head in the game because the mind can also help a lot. If your going through a rough patch in life and just don’t feel like grabbing that unit of yours anymore, consider this moment as a break because if you would PE in this period, you will certainly injure yourself as there is not enough testosterone or whatever hormone in your body to help the recovery after a PE session.

If you are tired and can’t keep your mind focused, turn to health. This helps A LOT. Run, gym, swim, exercise, healthy food. Your body will tell you on its own that it is time to go back to PE, you will feel you libido getting better. I believe it all about the libido, get you unit worked out enough to still have an active libido. You need blood in your unit, blood will carry the nutriments that will help your unit recover, how do you want blood to circulate there if you can barely get 10% erection? And taking one, two or even three months off is great, just treat your unit as if it was a girl you love, keep it surprised so it will never get accustomed to a routine. Take a month off than PE for 3 days than an other week off than PE for 2 weeks, I don’t know, just listen to what you body, mind and unit tells you. I go through periods in which I PE for a minute in the shower, 30 sec when I remember before I go to the toilet, and stretch a bit before I sleep, this period lasted for almost a year, and I grew with this random PE routine.

Thanks again,
Best of luck

Congrats on your gains and thanks for sharing. :up:

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