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It must be working- 3 weeks into it

It must be working- 3 weeks into it

Just wanted to let all the newbies like myself know that after 3 weeks I definitely am not stopping PE. I told myself up front I would give it one month but I was seeing results in less than 2. My flaccid length is much greater (I am not about all the measuring). I am starting to see gains in my erect length (no hard figures).
The real test is the wife and how she reacts.

1. Always seems to be horney.especially if I walk around with my flaccid dick hanging out. (Which I do a lot lately) : - )

2. Here is a Small sample of some of the text messages I have received on my phone over the last week.

- “Can’t wait until tonight”
- ” I am creaming thinking about this evening”
- ” Please leave work early today”
- ” I am creaming”
- “I want to suck ur long hard dick”
- “How is my pussy candy doing”

The last to are the most significant for me. I have never been referred to as her pussy candy, and she has most definitely never called my dick long in the last 12 years. I swear to you even if you don’t gain much in erect length (which I think we can) when a women sees that sucker hanging flaccid at 5+” she assumes that it’s going to grow about 3-4 times the size!
There is something to it I tell you!
My pecker rarely ever turtles up anymore. If I stopped hanging or tucking the little shit would turtle in a few days I bet. I am not going to let this happen thats for sure.

I gained about 3” flaccid in 3 weeks with hanging but I would guess that my erect length only gained at the most 1/4-1/2”

I am starting to think the flaccid length might be more important because thats what is getting me in the bed and it can work for all of us. Once your in the bed under the covers and she has this mental idea of that you penis normally grows about 3X she will tend to think that you are..

Hope this makes sense guys. It has been working for me just fine and I am going to hang as often as I can. I only wish girth exercises didnt hinder length because boy would I like to work girth and see what type of text messages I receive then!!

I will keep you updated

congrats man. But let me get this straight, you’re hanging with an overall 3 wk PE career? Or did I misread?

I was hanging with an overall 1 week career. Started at 2.5 lbs and I am at 5lbs.

I know my body well and have had no pain. When I first started I could feel good pressure on the ligs though.

Interesting. Do you jelq at all? So far I have about 4-5 wks under my belt and I have gained a .25” increase in erect length. Like you, my unit doesn’t turtle up anymore. Haha which I love. Hanging sounds great, and I hope to start that soon but I guess I’m just afraid to move too quick. But glad everything is working out for you Woody! Keep it up.

The first week I jelqed and once I made my hanger I slowed to a stop on the jelqing. I started reading that jelqing would cause girth and inhibit length gains. So that’s why I started training my length first by hanging.

I also read that girth is much easier to obtain.

Me opinion is that Jelqing works on length and girth but the girth gains probably limit the max length gains you might have been able to reach. If we were out in the desert and the only thing that we were able to do was jelq then I guess jelqing would be ok. Just my opinion.

If you need any newbie advice on hanging I am here to help.

Which hanger do you use?

Starting Stats 27/4/09 - 6"BPEL 5.5"EG

Short Term Goal - 7"BPEL 6"EG

Long Term Goal - 8.25"BPEL 6.5"EG

Thanks bro. I will make the switch to all length soon enough. I just want to finish up the newbie routine(stretch and jelq) because thats what I decided to dedicate my first 2-3 months of PE to from the beginning. Haha but soon enough my man…soon enough.

Cow_man53- I use the CCH3 (modified). You can find the link with photos etc. By searching for “oh looky here! CCH3” the thread was started by “chickenchocker”.

I modified it by added 1” to the overall tube length and the padded area length. This device requires zero wrapping for me to use comfortably.

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