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Ist post

Ist post

Hello, this is my first post. I was reading over the the Lot theory, my LOT is 7:00. Is that good or bad? What kind of gains will I expect to receive, and what kind of PE should I do.

You guys seem to be really dedicated here, I hope I get as Good as results as you all. Good luck.

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Welcome to Thunders.

The guys and gals here are very willing to help. While I have a fair understanding of LOT, I am by no means an expert. With a LOT of 7ish, I would think you would want to concentrate on tunica stretches. I’m sure that one of the guys will come along and give you a better answer.

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Welcome, Jason!

While I also am no expert on LOT (or anything else here), I think sunshine’s advice was correct. Focus on the tunica for now. So that could mean anything from jelqing and other manual exercises to hanging at higher angles (i.e., not BTC).

Don’t be afraid to try some lig stretching though. The LOT theory makes sense, but a limitation is that it’s hard to get a precise number for an individual, since the loss of tugback is fairly gradual. For me, anyway, I’m not sure whether I have an LOT of 9:00 or 8:00 or even 7:30! Depends on how much tugback is considered a “loss.”

Good luck, and keep us posted on your results!


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Always happy to see another member from L.A. I’m sure you’ve read all the LOT posts at the top of this forum. Having a LOT of 7:00 is neither good or bad, it’s just what you have. The results of your tests for LOT are just to help guide you in the type of exercises that might help you. It’s not a hard and fast rule about what you should or should not do. If you’re new to PE, try the Newbie Routine (in this forum for a month before doing anything specific based on your LOT.



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