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Issues with Stretching, Jelqing or Clamping

Issues with Stretching, Jelqing or Clamping


I am having problems with aches, burning sensations or pains when either stretching, jelqing or clamping. All of these methods require some compression with the hands on the outside of the penis which I feel is bruising the blood vessels. I can see them become more pronounced, especially on the left side of shaft and on top (dorsal nerve) when I am performing the exercises and also after I am finished.

Am I doing something wrong here?


Seems like even light pressure causes aches or burning or pains.

From what I have read, the penis is covered with arteries and veins. I can see how any pressure for any period of time can damage them.

Only way I can stretch or jelq is to apply pressure. This pressure gets put onto the veins/arteries. I see no way to avoid these. Even on sides of penis there are blood vessels.

So, not sure how anyone can stretch or jelq without injuring themselves.

Injury means loss of function(at least temporarly).
We aim for micro damage and positive PI ‘s. (“comparable” with micro tears in a sore trained muscle)

The veins can take much. The weakest link IMO is the skin. I get small blood spots reguarly.
Pronounced is normal and a side effect of PE. My veins got bigger, stronger and healthier.
Overall after more then 5 years of PE I can do pretty much everything to my dick when I warm it up properly.

If you really want to do it then warm up and do everything very light until you are comfortable.

If you freak out from small red dots on your dick or edema forming behind the glans then PE is not for you.
We try to avoid that but it still happens all the time.(without loss of function)

So, how should penis feel during stretching, clamping/ or jelqing? And how should it feel a few hours after?:

I feel aches or burning sensations hours later.

You are treating your dick in a way its probably never been treated. You’re not masterbaiting or doing this for pleasure so I believe what you are feeling is the natural ache of stress. You would feel fatigue or a dull ache deep inside the shaft and at the base. Rolling your dick between the palms of your hands occasionally when you jelq and stretch might help toughen the skin some.

I think you might just be feeling the discomfort of progress and as you learn to become more “dick aware” you’ll truly understand what we mean when we say “listen to your dick” for positive indicators of progress.

But if it continues to be too painful, then you should consider stopping.

Is it painful when you masterbate?

My dick looks like it was danced on by a one legged hooker

Not painful when I masturbate.

Only aches and burning sensations after stretching.

If I jelq, I may also get aches on left side, even during jelqing.

So I am confused as to how one can stretch or jelq without hurting themselves.

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