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Issues with EQ and frequency of erections; advice and/or help needed.

Issues with EQ and frequency of erections; advice and/or help needed.

I’m curious as to if there are any members here who could help with this problem, as I’m not totally sure where else to go with this.

I am incredibly inconsistent in regard to getting hard, especially when with a partner. Sometimes there is no problem whatsoever, and other times it’s completely non-functional. It’s been this way since I became sexually active in high school, and hasn’t really changed since, PE or no PE. Part of it is, I’m sure, psychological, and for that there isn’t a physical exercise that will get rid of it. Time and becoming comfortable with said partner kills those nerves. However, in other situations it seems like there is just no blood moving toward the penis, and it’s practically numb. When that happens, it’s still possible to obtain an erection, but it takes a million years to get there and if it’s left idle for 30 or so seconds, it’s already fading. I don’t know if this is common or not, and if I can avoid going to the doctor for such a thing, I’d love to. My budget doesn’t really allow for such privileges (you know, livin’ the American dream of no health insurance and excessive medical debt for life). I’ve met a young lady who is accommodating, beautiful, charming, very sexy and VERY understanding, but I figure she can only be all of these things for so long before she goes and finds someone she doesn’t have to be so understanding with. I’m sick of wanting her so bad and being totally incapable of doing anything besides please her via hand/mouth (which don’t get me wrong, I love to do. I’d just love to be on the receiving end of said pleasure as well).

My questions are: Can anyone else here relate to this? If so, has anyone found anything that helps deal with it? I’m open and willing to work for it. I just need some sort of resolution to this.

Thanks, y’all.

Can you get it up for masturbation?

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I am very similar. I don’t think many guys can go for a walk to get water downstairs and still be hard. If there is a pause in play I just manually do it myself. Cockrings help. There are very cheap sites to get cialis from also. This goes without saying but it is the answer you were trying to avoid hearing: Hormonal blood test from the doctor.

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