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Issues measuring

Issues measuring

Hey guys well first off I’ve always had a issue measuring but tonight caught me a little of guard , first off sitting vs standing I measured tonight BPEL and they are the same for some reason and NBPEL at times was too but anyway I’m sat here flaccid and decided to measure bone press and couldn’t believe I was just under 5 I mean I just placed the ruler to the pubic bone and I was shocked that’s a good number flaccid but NP well I don’t really wanna go there BIG FAT PAD :( but anyway is there a special way you measure standing has I can’t believe the numbers ?? Or is it just stood up straight and pressed to the pubic bone ?? If so I need to seriously lose the fat pad and is there any tips doing so?

Ehmmm…. are you short on commas?

Originally Posted by marinera
Ehmmm.. Are you short on commas?

Ahh the subtle art of

As far as losing the fat pad goes, try cardio, fork putdowns and table pushaways.

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