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Issue with Glans TOTAL NEWB

Issue with Glans TOTAL NEWB

Hey all. I started 2 days ago, doing ~10 minutes of manual stretches a day, 2 rounds of ~200 jelqs a day, and 2 rounds of 10 Uli#3’s a day. I do the jelqs at ~60 percent, and the Ulis at 80-100% (should I be worried?). I have experienced no pain or discoloration. No difference in length. My LOT is at 8-9 o’clock.

GLANS: When I was young, and even up to a few years ago (age 13-20ish.I’m now 25) I used to regularly get raging hard ons where my glans would swell up, get darker/purplish, and get really shiny. Even at this time in my life, my glans had a lot of vertical wrinkles on the face of it.not overly visible, nothing to be embarrassed about, and probably very common (is it?). But when I’d get these “Super-Boners”, the glans would get huge and these wrinkles would all-but-disappear.
Although I don’t think there has been any change in the size of my penis, my glans has not attained this quality in years, even with my best boners.

QUESTION: how does this parallel your guy’s experience with PE and with your glans swelling.

OTHER QUESTION: How hard should I be gripping/squeezing when doing jelqs?


It is 1/8th of an inch thicker than I have ever measured it, including 2 days ago. I’ve measured it 10-15 times over the last year.same girth every time. When I have even a 75% boner now, my dick is really hard.I don’t mean that it seems like a higher quality boner (in my life I would always get a super-boner every once in awhile).it seems like a totally normal boner, until I touch it with my hands. It is rock hard to the touch, and virtually incompressible. Even more so with my 100% boners. In my life, even with my best boners ever, I could still squeeze in on them a fair bit. Now I can squeeze in like 1/8th of an inch on either finger, and beneath that it is like my dick has been replaced by a rock (slightly softer obviously).

I feel no pain whatsoever, have no discoloration, and my orgasms feel a lot different.not better or worse, just different.

QUESTION: Is this what veteran’s dicks always feel like.and did anybody notice anything like this in their PE experience?

I would guess that you are cut. There are some good threads about the keratinization of glans and increasing sensitivity. It happens so slow that most of us don’t realize that we have lost sensitivity until you do something about it.

Keratinization of the glans!

Here’s one there a quite a few others.

Well, to better answer your question as well, you’re EQ has more than likely went down. Give what you are doing a week or two and you should see some positive improvements in your glans expansion. I did.

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Be VERY careful with the Ulis this early on. You just started, remember that stretching consistently is way way more important than just stretching more enthusiastically at the beginning. You sound like you’re doing double the routine you need to for this early on.

Oh so this early on, is stretching the most important? Like manual stretches.pull it to the left, the right, up, down, between the legs, etc? Can I expect the quickest gains from stretches at this point?

O how could I forget KEGEL!

I’m in the less is more camp, maybe you are doing a little too much, I usually do 5 -10 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of jelqs. I don’t have hours to spend doing pe and have had good gains, although everyone is different. Just like working out, you need time to recover to get stronger.

Stretching may not be the quickest gains, nobody can tell that for sure because everybody’s penis is different, but I think it’s easier to injure yourself doing stuff like Ulis or Jelqing at a high erection level when your penis isn’t conditioned.

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