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Isolating the bc

Isolating the bc

I can only tense my bc muscle for a second or so. Is it because I am paying too much attention to not contracting any other surrounding muscle at all or am I just starting out with a weak bc muscle?

Weak with a new feeling you are unaccustomed too. Don’t worry, it will get stronger.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yeah, it is weak, but don’t feel bad, most start out that way. Mine is as strong as an ox now, and I can have usually 3-4 good orgasms.

Thanks people. Good to know!

Hi Cyrano, I’ve been doing PE for about a month now and I had the same problem as you. Now, a month down the line I can hold a contraction in my BC for 30+ seconds (although it does take a surprising amount of effort and concentration for me.)

I think the BC is just like any other muscle, the more you train it, the easier it is to control and isolate from the other surrounding muscles.

I’m sure westla will come in here and thank you guys for calling it the BC and not the PC. :)

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