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Is warming up that important for stretching

Is warming up that important for stretching

It seems I’ve read that you should warm up for stretching just as you should for jelqing, but I see lots of people who wear those penis-stretching gadgets all day long, and you can’t possibly warm up all day or those things. So is warming up really that important for stretching?

Yep it’s very important, and shouldn’t be overlooked. It increases blood flow to the penis, makes it more pliable. Risks to injuries are decreased. People that use an ADS start with a warm up in the morning before putting it on.

What danb said. Besides it stretches longer after a warmup.

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I’ve heard of several people getting injured that did not warm up. I would definitely hot wrap for at least 3 minutes.

Here’s a little story for you. I tried for about 6 months with just straight jelqing - no hot wrap, no stretching, and I actually hurt/damaged my tunica - man, an erection killed for about 3-4 weeks, so you can imagine how my mornings started - not good. I gave up for a few months, found Thunder’s Place and actually read what these guys were saying. I began hot wraps with a towel for 3 - 5 minutes and 10 min’s stretching - jelqing for 15 min’s, and a hot shower afterward - and I saw incredible gains in the last year. Yes, warm up and stretch - without question.

Then: BPEL = 5.75 EG = 4.5 (2005)

Now: BPEL = 7.38 EG = 5.25 (2007)

Time spent = 1+ year commited

I dont warm up, never have, no injuries. I’m not recommending this, I would wrap just to be on the safe side.

Yes warming is very important. It does loosen the tissue and ligaments for a better stretch. Also a warm down is just as important.

Often people gain well on the Newbie Routine, then after 3 months or so they try different things and their gains grind to a halt. When I ask them if they carried on warming up with the new routine, usually they realise their gains stopped about the same time they stopped warming up.

I frequently get lazy and don’t warm up for a while; I look on these times as fine for penis health, but I know I won’t get much growth without a warm up. Once your penis is ‘conditioned’, the warm up becomes even more important, as the tissues are slightly tougher and more resistant to gaining.

Some guys can gain without a warm up, but they still have a slightly higher risk of injury, and could probably gain faster if they did warm up properly.

Warm ups are not crucial, however they do benefit your excercises, whether jelqing or streching.

It is good since it opens up the blood vessels which means more blood in the veins which means bigger erection.

I am usually too lazy and too time constricted to warm up but believe it is important. Heat changes the properties of connective tissue. Large collagen molicules, for example, are more able to slide past one another and elongate. If you stretch while warm, you are more likely to actually change the configuration of this tissue. After it cools, the molicules become less mobile. If they become locked into place, “freezing” in a stretched, or elongated position, you begin to see gains. That’s the theory anyway.

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