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Is warm-up necessary


Is warm-up necessary

Hi all,

Is warm-up and warm-down necessary? I like to do jelqs before I shower (and during) each day. I also do short jelqs before I go to the urinal. If I’m sitting at my desk at home doing a task that allows one hand to be free, I would do stretches. My question is, does warm-up/down contribute to the effectiveness of length gains? My flaccid length is usually 2 inches but it turtles sometimes after exercising. My goal is to correct this, have a constant flaccid length of 3-4 inches and increase my BPEL from 4 inches to 5.5-6 inches. After three weeks of PE, I notice better flaccid hang and .25-.5 inch of gain in erect length.


Using heat for a warm up and during each session will increase gains. Doing a good cool down(not warm down but cool down) will prevent your unit from turtling.

Do not neglect the importance of a warm up/down. It is very beneficial.

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Simply, yes. It is important. I use a wash cloth and water, stick it in the microwave for about 30-35 seconds and wrap for like 5 minutes or until its cooled and then begin. You’ll get some nasty blood spots and blood blisters if you don’t.

If you care about your penis health, do some form of a warm-up. If you’re willing to risk it and injure yourself or break your unit, go ahead and do it without warming up!


^^^ Exactly what I was going to say. Warm ups are essential to not injuring your dick.

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I used to not do warm ups but after I tired the warm up it really felt better

I have a cup that i make tea in. I put it in between my legs while wearing my pants. It gives me a good warm. I keep it there for 30 or so min and then do my workout. It is convenient and easy. You get a warm up and it is not suspicious like the cloth or rice sac. I don’t usually do warm downs but I have started. I am also applying heat during the day. I live in Canada and because of the cold, my unit turtles. Ever since I have started doing longer warm ups, I have made more gains. I gained over 1 cm in the past month.

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Hm, I haven’t been warming up, but this consensus is convincing me. I’ll bring a hand cloth into the shower next time ;)

I also like some have said recommend cooling down as well, I prefer an icepack instead of another hotwrap.

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No, it is not essential in the strictest form of the meaning.

Similarly, PE is not essential. But you’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you? :)

The results of the survey suggest a warmup will not actually affect gains. But the general consensus of PE’ers is that it is very important to avoid injury. If you are one of the people who refuse to do it or it is simply impractical, then make sure you ease into your routine gradually, so the penis isn’t suddenly shocked out of it’s wits.

Seems that I’m not the only one skipping warm up :)

I just added ADS (Ace bandage wrap) into my routine. One of my main short-term goal is anti-turtling. My unit turtles completely after a strenuous run and it’s really embarrassing in the locker room. Can anyone comment on the best way to anti-turtle? (Cutting my pubic hair with a sharp scissor also makes my unit turtle like crazy. But that might be a feature I still wish to keep for safety reasons)

My routine:
5 mins warm up with hand towel :) (I have a designated towel for my willy)
100-200 dry jelqs
Various stretches in all directions (at the urinal too)
5 mins warm down
Kegels throughout the day
Wrap an ace bandage around my stretched flaccid unit to prevent turtling.


I highly doubt warming up contributes to the gains. Yet it is a must for newbies for avoiding injuries. I bet most vets skip it anyway.

Jeeeeebus, does nobody here listen? I’ll say it again- Cool Downs.

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