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Is turkey neck really a problem

Is turkey neck really a problem

I just started the newbie guide exercises this week and have no prior PE experience.

I have read about men having issues with turkey neck, but I’m confused about what the big deal is. If I stretch out my flaccid penis, I have a natural turkey neck nearly a 3rd of the way up the shaft. I admit it is a little ugly. However, when I am fully erect I have no visible turkey neck at all. So, I feel like, as long as I don’t stretch out my flaccid dick in front of a woman, it is not really a problem. And it certainly doesn’t affect my ability to wear condoms whatsoever.

I’m confused about why this is such an important topic. Do other men have lots of turkey neck even when they are erect? Is this something I could develop from jelqing? I would appreciate it if anyone could shine some light on this subject for me.

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That’s something I’ve noticed - when I get as hard of an erection as I can, the turkey neck seems to disappear. When I’m flaccid or slightly erect, it’s more profound.

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My turkey neck doesn’t allow me to roll condoms all the way on. Also, I just began hanging, and have noticed that it makes wrapping difficult too. I don’t have a visibly huge turkey neck when erect, but flaccid it is pretty bad. I intend to spend some time manually stretching the shaft skin in hopes of making it better, but honestly I am afraid that I will be forced to have surgery when I have reached my PE goals.

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Only if you swallow the bones. Gobble, gobble!

They fucking suck, trust me. They make your dong look smaller when erect by obscuring the difference between shaft and nutsack.

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