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Is this warm up method ok?

Is this warm up method ok?

So, for me personally, I wanted to be able to do my PE discreetly in my bed. So I got this battery powered hand warmer to try to use for warm up/down. My only concern is that it is not hot enough to thoroughly heat my penis all the way through. It says it heats to about 113F (45C). I can wrap my hand around it tightly and it never gets too hot to hold. To me it feels just a bit above body temp.

So I’ve been doing a 10 minute warm up using this, and afterwards my penis does feel quite warm, but not nearly as much from the wet washcloth method. My question is if it is alright to continue using the hand warmer for warm up, or should I get a slightly bulkier heating pad? I do like how convenient and small it is. Microwaving something wouldn’t be the best option for me either.

Winter is coming! Time to buy a hot water bottle and use that. No one questions using a hottie in winter :)

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After using the hand warmer last night and today, I decided that I will keep using it. It’s just so convenient, but the problem is it’s a very dry heat that doesn’t penetrate as easily as a hot washcloth. The workaround is that you just have to spend more time doing the warm up/down in order to heat the penis all the way through. If anyone is interested, it is a Celestron ThermoTrek Electronic Hand Warmer that I bought at Menard’s, they have them on Amazon as well.

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