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Is this true What do you guys think


Is this true What do you guys think

I found this website where the expert says that there are no evidence to show that non-surgical methods, which are those they practice here work. I was wondering what the people that have experimented with these techniques have to say about this. The following is the website, and one of the questions with a reply from the expert.


A)I just received another (one of many) ads on how to add 3” in 11 days to the length of your penis. The thought came to me that with all the research you have done in the area of erections, you just might have some experience or knowledge about these ideas. Is this at all feasable? Do any of these programs produce the growth they advertise? Is any one of them any better than the others? I’m not unhappy with the equipment I have, but if I could add a little too it without doing any harm (and not costing too much) it might be worth it. Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate your help.


There is no hard (pun) evidence that any of the non-surgical methods work — even though you can find all sorts of testimonials that they do. People will swear to almost anything! If these methods really did work, they would be written up in all the most important magazines and scientific journals. This news would be shouted from the housetops. Instead these “offers” are from people who are ready to make money on the fact that quite a few men wish they had more of a good thing. There is some temporary stretching of the flaccid penis that can occur, but you probably add a little length at the loss of thickness — which is a bad trade in my book. The stretching, IF it occurs, will affect your flaccid penis and not your erection, so it’s no big gain

Who is this ‘expert’ anyway? That’s the question. So many people claim to be experts by reading a few books or learning stuff in med school thirty years ago.

Look at my gains in my sig below.

I’ve been on a maintenance plan since March but will get back into the PE.

What’s so great about this site is that no one here is charging for the info. You aren’t scammed into paying hundreds of buck for bullshit that doesn’t work.

The only thing that will work is desire, dedication, patience, and a positive attitude.

Stats: (10/24/04) : BPEL-7.25", EG-5.5" (01/22/07) : BPEL-7.6", EG-5.6" after 1 year of maintenance

Goal: 8.5" L x 6.5" G

I’ve been doing PE for only 4 months. I’ve seen enough evidence in that time to convince me. It works. My gains are listed in my signature.

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Can somebody show him lil12big1’s pics?

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

This site, absent surgery (that I have no real knowledge of), is probably the best you’re going to find as far as gains.

If there was a serious, healthy, non-surgical way to gain 3 inches in 11 days, most males in the country would have been doing that from the get go. There would be no need for anything else, and sadly this forum would not exist.

As for the expert, well he’s correct. Unless someone on these forums is a qualified professional, and uses a considerable number of individuals as “test” subjects, watching and meticulously documenting each individual’s personal regimine and gains, none of this information will be printed in an article in any credible magazine. Although, if what most of the veterans around this sight are claiming as real, healthy gains is true, I wouldn’t be suprised to see a professional article on this sometime in the next decade.

I’ve only been doing PE for two weeks, and have no real noticeable gains. I’m not a believer, yet. But, I’m sure as hell willing to give it 6 months to make that decision. There’s no harm in trying (as long as you don’t overexert yourself). Point being, as with most things in life, there is no magic answer. There’s only things you are willing to put the time and effort into to see if it actually works. Plus, it’s free here, except for optional donations.

>>>Can somebody show him lil12big1’s pics?<<<

First thread in the Pictures forum.

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Hey noob-

You’re right, this shit is bogus. Natural PE is a scam and ThunderSS is clearly doing this only to get rich. Best bet is Enzyte, or another one of those pills that’ll get you huge. The whole work hard and be patient, rinse and repeat thingy - utterly without historical merit.

Shhh! Is he gone yet? Don’t let the cat out of the bag, guys. This whole FREE PE site where you don’t pay anything [unless you want to] and the folks are here because they actually do this shit and aren’t shilling anything… , Highly overrated

Giancarlo- Welcome and know this, this shit works- we wouldn’t be here is it didn’t. Go to the FAQs and learn all about it; then pick out a newbie routine and commit for two months. Then once you’re convinced, don’t tell a soul :mwink: !

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

>>>Can somebody show him lil12big1’s pics?<<<

First thread in the Pictures forum.

Yeah I dont’ see it. Link please.

As of 5/1/05 BPEL = 6.50" EG = 5.25" 5/20/05 BPEL = 7.00" (This is at the peak right before an orgasm) EG = 5.38" First Goal BPEL = 8.50" EG = 6.25" FL > 5.00" (haven't done PE since about August of 2005)

Getting back into it for a week now, same goals as before, but..

1/10/2010 BPEL = 6.625", EG = 5.25" ... Really wish I did PE for the last 4+ years. Who knows where I would be at.

The blunt end of it is that the penis has two uses - Urination and ejaculation. All of this ‘gain 3 inches in a week’ is pure shite. Natural penis enlargement works - but over time and with a hell of a lot of hard work put in by yourself. Thats the hard bit. Its the same with bodybuilding, you can hit the gym the day after new years day to find it packed to the rafters, but give it a couple of weeks and the place will be half empty with the regular members training. Self belief, motivation, time and a frikin lot of hard work will give you rewards with natural penis enlargement. Give it three months and you will notice a change not only in size but erection control, hardness of erection, better jizz, sexual stamina, better self confidence etc.etc

Oh, and fuck the experts.

A little over an inch in length and 0.5 in girth since last november,
The SO’s making noises like I’ve never heard in the last 20 years,
and I’m being fucked like an animal on a regular basis ….

Naw, your expert is absolutely correct.
PE doesn’t work and I’m just a jackass that would swear to anything to satisfy my
psychological cravings to be a member of a group.


>>>Yeah I dont’ see it. Link please.<<<

Measurement pics

As I said, first thread in the Pictures forum…

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

The ‘experts’ also used to believe the world was flat, the sun revolved around the earth, etc.

This ‘expert’ is probably an M.D. spewing the AMA company line. If they can’t prescribe you a pill or cut you open, then it can’t possibly work.

You guys have convinced me, I’ll give it a try. Do you all think that stretching, jelqing, and 4 hrs of andro-penis will be enough? If so, for how minutes a day should I do the first two.

I currently have a 4.5”x 4.5” pennies, and my goal is 7.0”x 5.0”

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