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Is this stuff all a hoax?

Originally Posted by Chunk
Good Lord man, you can’t expect anyone to help you if you don’t give some specifics.

Start with

Days per week trained
which routines you were on
etc etc etc

The more you tell us, the more we can see a pattern and figure out what you need to change.

Coming online saying ‘PE must be a hoax’ and asking us to spend our time to solve your problems for you, when you can’t even be bothered to type out what you did - that is something an Ignorant Prick would do.
As I don’t think you are really an ignorant prick, just frustrated, take the time and spell it out for us so we can help.

Frequency - I would stop for a week if I thought I injured myself or went too far too quickly (rarely occured) but other than that I kept at it at a normal pace

Intensity - I started off slow and would build myself up. An example of this would be starting with 10 minutes of jelqing, and over the course of 3 months I worked up to 30 minutes of jelqing.
I started with 10 minutesx2 of hanging 2 1\2 lbs to 20 minute intervals x3 5lbs over 4 months.

Days per week - 2 on 1 off

Routines- The only set routine I was on was the newbie routine, any others were because of people giving advice on what they thought I should do (no set names).

>>I started with 10 minutesx2 of hanging 2 1\2 lbs to 20 minute intervals x3 5lbs over 4 months.

Days per week - 2 on 1 off<<

It’s hard to get any gains with this kind of routine. If you don’t have time to do hanging or you are afraid of injuries, maybe using an extender would be a better choice.

What’s about your life? Are you stressed? Do you take anti-depressants or other medicines?

Originally Posted by Tossed Salad
This forum was started in a joint collaboration from the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

Our many thanks go to these two!

Don’t forget the aliens who built the pyramids and the Atlanteans!

Seriously, vouzmere, if you really believe that those men here who claim to have made gains have nothing better to do than write phony stories about their PE activities, I’m not sure what will help you. I’m sorry if you’ve made no gains, but don’t cast aspersions on those who have. PE WORKS!

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Originally Posted by vouzmere
I started with 10 minutesx2 of hanging 2 1\2 lbs to 20 minute intervals x3 5lbs over 4 months

I don’t think many guys would make gains hanging 5 lbs for an hour a day, ~4 times a week. A lot of us hangers started making our big gains in the 7.5-15 lb range, with most of us hanging for a couple of hours a day, 5+ days of the week. If you want length, you might try a more serious hanging routine, if your dick can handle it. Of course, a few guys never make any gains by hanging, like ModestoMan.

As for girth, what was your specific clamping routine? Did you ever incorporate pumping?

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If you want to gain in PE, you need to do a certain amount of Work per X time, and then recover from the Work, to be able to cycle indefinitely without injury.

Work is a function of:

Frequency of work done, as in how many times per day
Volume of PE done per day, as in how many minutes of jelqing, hanging, etc
Intensity of PE, as in how hard you are jelqing, how much weight are you hanging, etc.

We do Work in order to cause microtrauma in our tunica and force expansion beyond our current state.

The amount of Work needed to stimulate a response varies from person to person.

How we do the Work in regards to the exercises we use is irrelevant, as long as the desired expansion is achieved.

The amount of Work we need to do to create our desired expansion increases over time.

How we adjust the balance of frequency, volume, and intensity, is largely irrelevant, with the following provisos -
Too low intensity an level will do nothing.
Too high an intensity level will result in injury.

The volume, intensity level, and frequency of workouts need to be balanced in such a way the the total Work done is the minimum needed to stimulate an adaption. Hence, while using high intensity, volume will need to be lowered.

Lots of other guys on here can jump all over me now for some of my points here, and they would probably be correct.

But let’s just keep it simple for now, and stick with the basic, have-to-know, information.

There has been such a backlash in the PE community lately, against the high-volume crazy obsessed PE guys that run the risk of exploding their dicks every day. People really are pro- slow and steady, safety first,m PE these days. And that is fine, because you only have one penis and I understand your not wanting to explode it. Problem is, a lot of those crazies were (are) really good gainers. I think Big Girtha is as mad as a hatter when it comes his methods, he’ll be the first to tell you that you probably shouldn’t do what he did. But dammit, the man grew himself a humongous penis, and you can’t argue with that. Don’t even get me started on the guys who hung ALL DAY.
The point is, you need caution, but some people end up being a little TOO cautious. Never forget that what we are doing is FORCING our penis repeatedly into a state that is outside it’s normal parameters.

You have also to remember that as we are forcing our penis to adapt, at the same time, it is doing it’s best to toughen up and resist the forces that caused it trauma in the first place. This is why many people eventually stall out on certain exercises, after a certain amount of time has passed, or gains have been achieved.

SO if you progress too slowly with increasing your Work load over time, your body’s ability to adapt will be faster, and you will not gain.

At a glance, my first instinct is that you are most likely not doing enough Work per week for YOU to stimulate an adaption in your penis. I think you are probably conditioned enough to:

Pick an exercise or documented routine.
Get a notebook journal.
Track your variables of volume, frequency, and intensity.
Increase your Work load by 10% daily, until you have your first morning of negative PI’s. Specifically, morning wood that is not as awesome as you have been seeing it lately.
At that point keep the Work load consistent until positive PI’s return.
You are now ‘Dialed In’.
Increase your Work load slightly but consistently and measurably every Work/Rest cycle you do. A cycle, for now, is 2 on 1 off - until you are comfortable enough with your knowledge of your unit to go on something like an OLF/OLR system.

Good luck to you.

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I’m sorry to be negative as that is not my way normally, but I think this young man thought he had found the magic bullet so to speak. And when he found out there was actually work involved to achieve results, he started screaming fraud. Why do the members donate consistently, and give up their hard earned money if it doesn’t work?

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That was a mouthful, but all good, and I agree.

I only want to add that PE is a discovery process.

Different things work for different people, and it can take a long time just to figure out what works for you.

I’ve been doing various things for 12 years. I got some initial girth gains from pumping, then later started jelqing and hanging. I had a brief but intense 3 month period in which I added a 1/2 inch of length - then nothing.

I’ve been on a plateau for years.

Now I’m trying something new that I think is showing good results, and I will put all the effort I can into that until I decide it is not working.

I often wonder if I am wasting my time, but I believe it is possible - it just is not a simple process that is self-evident.

Just keep trying new routines. And take some breaks occasionally.

Originally Posted by vouzmere
…then I tried jelqing 1 day and hanging the next, then hanging one day and clamping the next…

:confused: Dude, I have just read back over your posting history. Very inconsistent; very, very, very, inconsistent! Back at the very start of your PE career you seemed to have things figured out. But when your wang didn’t instantly react favorably you started to have some king of melt down, spacing out and making stuff up on your own.

My advise to you is take a few weeks off in case deconditioning is needed. And then? Start from scratch, as if you were a total n00b.

Assuming that your hanger is up to standards then start back up with a disciplined hanging routine. Read up on hanging in the meantime. Politely pester the guys currently hanging via PM in search of a mentor. You have a bad history of availing your self of the potential help within these forums. Lots of starting threads, getting advise, and then not posting anymore in that thread. Perhaps you will be more consistent with 1 on 1 help?

The reason I suggest getting the help of someone currently hanging is that you can kinda mooch on their routine.


Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
A lot of us hangers started making our big gains in the 7.5-15 lb range with most of us hanging for a couple of hours a day, 5+ days of the week.

Back in the day, 2 rules of thumb existed for us hangers:

  • Minimum of 7.5lbs in weight.
  • Minimum of 10 hours hanging per week.

Anything less than that and why bother. Meet the minimums and you might get some gains…might!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
A bit doesn’t help much does it? How consistent were you?

After all, consistency is the key to all of this.

When you PE, do you wear a rally cap and a sports bra? These will restrict circulation from the upper body….thus supplying more blood to your genitals. Give it a shot.

Originally Posted by Tossed Salad
This forum was started in a joint collaboration from the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

Our many thanks go to these two!

Do not believe this. The forum was started by Ashton Kutcher. You’ve been Punk’d!

You have tried different shit but how long did u stay on each one? It is only been a year and you did every imaginable routine? So you spent a week on each routine? You need to give it time to see if it is working. This is like working out. It is a process that causes change after years of hard work not just one week.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Nessie and Bigfoot I’ll cop too, Ashton, that’s a low blow.

But that would make you Ashton….in bed with Demi tonight.


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