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Is this safe

Is this safe

I been doing PE for about a month on and off.. The way it works with me was I would literally commit to it by doing 30 minutes of exercise, including the warm up, cool down, stretch jelq one day.. And then do it again a week later.

Somehow I got dis interested in PE-ing but got addicted to jelqing and stretching. So now when I would jerk off, I would do no warm up, but might start of by jelqing, and pulling my penis (or stretching)..

This being said that I do not warm up and ejaculate right after I have two question:

1) Is it safe ?
2) will I see any growth ?

Btw, when I do jelq it’s for about 5 minutes, another 2 minutes of stretching.

I think the consensus is that warming up will help you reduce the chance of injury and pain. Some also believe it will help you gain faster because it helps repair the penis.

Most think that jelqing and stretching alone without warmup will definitely allow you to grow.

Oh, i just noticed you said you ejac right after you do this stuff. Most think that’s bad and will hinder any growth. Wait a while! Discipline man Discipline!

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I don’t know where you are getting a couple of these ‘most think’ conclusions Mr. Cockett.

The warm-up is about keeping injury free, but also softening the tissue and making it more elastic. Moreso this than repair.

As far as repair is concerned what is important is to give yourself time to rest.

Some think a warm down is good. Some advocate using cold at the end of a work out to help the tissue contract in the extended state. There are many theories.

The physical therapy paradigm is the one that seems to hold true: a good warm-up pre-workout will give you the best chance of keeping injury free and make what you are doing count. People do get gains without the warm-up, but it’s a risk.

As far as jacking off. There are some who believe that you should keep masturbating and PE completely seperate - seperate days. Others don’t think it matters at all, and that refractory actually helps the penis recover. Some are in between.

Personally I think it better to hold off for at least two hours after PE, but if you don’t once in a while it’s no great tradgedy. That’s one opinion.


As far as what, you are doing. It may give you gains.

Before, when you were doing 30 minutes of a light routine once a week … Well, let’s just say that is going to be pretty subtle in terms of changes to your anatomy.

It’s hard to give you good feedback. If you are randomly jelquing and stretching for a few short minutes before jacking off I’d say again: it may give you gains, but they may come very slowly. Very, very slowly.

Why not try the newbie routine and really be disciplined? Do it for three months and see. What have you got to lose?

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It sounds to me like you are way to inconsistent to make any gains. The way to gain is to establish a routine and then stick to it for months.

If you keep that routine up for a few years, I’m sure you’ll see some growth. But if you’re in a hurry, like most of us, I’d suggest keeping to a pretty strict routine. You can still masturbate, but why not do it before you PE instead of right after? Even if you do it right after, it’d be better than doing it once a week. The more you can PE, without injuring or overdoing it, the quicker you’ll see growth I think.

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@ Mr.Happy

I am 19 years old, and have a high sex drive :( .. That’s why I end up jerking off after a PE session.

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