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Is this safe??

Is this safe??

I discovered today that plain old baby oil works as an excellent lubricant for jelqing. It keeps the skin slick the entire time, and as a side effect, I didn’t get an erection and have to stop during the session. I don’t know if this was due to the oil moisturizing the skin or some other reason, but I want to make sure using baby oil is safe, as it certainly makes the process easier.


Could the sarcasm have been any thicker there?? I KNOW they use it on babies, but I doubt they rub on the kids penis. I know you’re kidding. I was more worried on what would happen if I accidentally got some inside, was it non-harmful and all. They don’t exactly put warnings dealing with our particular uses of the product on the labels.

Ah, to be a newbie and have to actually ask these things. Oh well, soon enough, I’ll actually no what I’m doing and be ready to take on the main member areas.

Thanks for your help Thunder.


This is the newbie forum. Any question can be asked here.

Whether we are mature enough or not to give a serious answer is another thing :chuckle:

Actually I was the one who put Thunder on to Baby Oil. But when he refers to clean up, does he mean the baby oil or the results of using it ;)

And remember we are all still learning. For example, when I see a question on discoloration, lig popping, etc, I can’t answer because I have not experienced that.

So when that happens to me you might even see me screaming in the Newbie Forum…..


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