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Is This Possible??

Is This Possible??

I was really thinking could a female vagina shrink or get more tighter by losing wieght??

When I mean losing wieght I mean like 100 lbs++

Do any of you guys have obese woman and they lost a lot of wieght . Did thier vagina get tighter?? or is it the same??

Can’t see how it could get tighter when loosing weight, doesn’t seem logical. If anything it’s the other way around.

Originally Posted by keybord
Can’t see how it could get tighter when loosing weight, doesn’t seem logical. If anything it’s the other way around.

That is correct, gaining weight “excessive weight” can make it tighter. Internal fat can “help” push the vagina canal closer together. Also internal fat stored around the stomach and organ area can push the back top half of the vagina down. This weight helps eliminate the “tenting” affect vagina’s have. It pushes down or depending on weight, collapses the back top portion of the vagina canal.

It really explains why there are men who are chubby chasers “as known around this redneckville”.

I know with my wife over eating has a similar affect. She is small, normally 5’4” and 118lbs. She watches what she eats and works out quite a bit. But we have days that we decide we are going to hit our favorite restaurant or buffet and pig out. When she completely gorges herself like that, the top back part of the vagina is pushed down from her stuffed stomach. To the affect of instead of pushing the head past the cervix into the cul des sac it instead hits it head on, there is no way around it.

We normally don’t have sex when we are bloated, so I don’t get to experience it much. Plus the B-line drive to the cervix causes discomfort so that has also dropped the rate of “bloated sex” to next to none.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

Thanks for giving me some answers very intriguing

Two average vaginae. One is “healthy,” the other is pressured by body fat. Which feels tighter?

The choices are yours, and yours alone! /Olmec

My reasoning is this: A vagina could and likely would feel more “tight” with weight loss. After losing 100+ pounds it may feel tighter because the woman’s overall health would have improved. Better circulation would improve responsiveness and functionality. But would it feel tighter than when extra fat was pressuring the vagina? No clue.

The condition of a woman’s pelvic floor is (mostly) going to determine how “tight” or “loose” she is.

Most people who are 100+ pounds overweight aren’t going to have many parts or systems that are in best working order. I doubt most obese woman, or men for that matter, have very “healthy” pelvic floors. Losing that much weight is going to improve just about all one’s functions, including sexual performance.

Really, it’s an odd question with too many variables to answer.

I have to disagree with that point I would tend to think that a woman 100lbs+ overweight has on average less sexual partners and lower libido from poor self image and less circulation. I was with a huge girl after a long dry spell and a night if binge drinking a few years ago. Let me just say that she was much tighter than I could have ever expected.


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