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Is this possible

Is this possible

Hi people, I’ve been reading here and there for months, and to be honest, while at times it all did make some sense to me, most of the time I was a bit skeptical. Now, some two weeks ago or so, I decided to give it all a shot, I mean, what do I have to lose, right?

Honestly, I am not a kind of guy who takes care of the statistics, counts the strokes, measures time with stopwatch and so on, you understand what I’m trying to say.

I’ve read a few newbie routines couple times, and kind of understood what am I suppose to do.

So, my “routine” was to skip the warm up (I know, I know, can get hurt, better vasodilatation and stuff), do a couple stretches, say, 10 x 30 seconds, and then do 15-20 minutes of simple dry jelques, 3-4 seconds each stroke. Then I’d usually finish the work and ejaculate (I simply can’t let him down at that moment, he’s looking me with that sad eye, begging me not to leave :D ). No warming at the end either.

Since I am that type of person, I couldn’t resist measuring it after two weeks either. Tonight I was thinking about should I continue practicing at all or not, and I decided to measure it first.

I am totally blown away!

Is it possible for someone to gain 6 mm in two weeks? I didn’t make any mistake, I measured a couple of times when I started, and I was always getting the same numbers, in millimeter. I measured two-three times today too, and I always checked to measure the same way, with same measurement tools, pressed at the same spots and so on!

Now, this brings me to one other thing.

I kind of know that this doesn’t have anything to do with the subject, but I think it would be good to mention it nevertheless!

I am on testosterone enanthate I M, and I know that this didn’t make my buddy grow, if it was, each and every bodybuilder would be hung like a horse, but, since testosterone is very cheap in my country, I’ve been rubbing a drop or two here and there onto my buddy, which I spread with my fingers over my scrotum a little too (if enanthate is capable of getting through the skin at all, I want some of it to convert to dihydrotestosterone, which I guess should happen the most round my balls).

Could it be that this played some role in this gain, or is it really possible for someone to gain this much in so little time, with such a careless approach?

Anyway, one thing I know, I will for sure continue with this, and I think I owe all of you a big apology. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t trust you guys, but I didn’t fully believe everything either! :)

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If you donate money to the site your penis will grow quicker than that. (:

I don’t think enahantate can be absorbed through skin, but if it was you shouldn’t rub at all on your balls; androgel, which is a topic solution of dht, is strongly advised to not be put on balls.

6mm of growth in two weeks is in the realm of possibilty IMHO when one is a newbie - kinda like adding 50lbs on your bench the first month you go in a gym.


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