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Is this possible or am I measuring wrong

Is this possible or am I measuring wrong

I just discovered PE last December and thought I would try it, probably not many men my age (63) would do that I guess. My first measurement was December 27, 2014 (FL 3.50”, FG 3.75”, EL 5”, and EG 4”) and decided I would measure again in one month just to see if it was working. At any rate after my PE routine this morning it struck me that my dick was looking bigger so I caved and decided to measure now and not wait, I was shocked. When I measured after my routine I got these measurements; FL 4.25”, FG 4.5”, EL 5.5” EG 4.5. Is it possible to get these kinds of gains on only three weeks or am I measuring wrong?

Most of it could be due to better EQ along with a little bit of gains.

They’re both possible: wrong measurement and really fast “gains” due to improvement of EQ.

Thanks for the input guys. It’s very much appreciated.

That’s a 10% gain in EL, it is great!

Many here recommend to measure BPEL, not EL.

PE start Aug 25, 2013: BPEL 6.7" x EG 4.7" and BPFSL 7".

Paused between Dec 2013 and Dec 2014 due to injury. Careful with those rice socks!

Goal 7" x 5". Ideal is 8" x 6" but let's not even dream about that yet...!

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