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Is this possible by just jelq?

Is this possible by just jelq?

I am looking for now to gain 1” in length and Girth. I find Jelqing my exercise of choice. I just started and this is my second week. I am considering stretching also but I am not understanding the pressure needed and for how long in each stretch. But I read that Jelqing increases both length and girth. Any personal advice would be highly appreciated.


It’s possible to gain with just jelqing. It didn’t work for me though.

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I think JELQ WILL help to gain both length and girth .
You must be careful when you are doing Jelq .50%—70% erection is better to Jelq .Never try to Jelq when Full erection .Lower erection will help gain some length and girth .
This is just my personal idea about Jelq.


umudwar is right, lower erection level jelqs will promote length. Especially wet jelqing at low erection levels.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Hey man, welcome to the wonderful world of Penis Enlargement. Stretching will only bring positive results so you might as well use it. It also helps strengthen and increase the girth near the base of the penis, whereas jelqing may not hit the base that good and create the so called baseball penis appearance (not too desirable).

The method is simple enough. You use the thumb and forefinger right behind the head and squeeze. I place my second hand over that one to create a better hold. Then I pull out to the front, sides, up, and down until I feel a nice pull near the base of my dick. Make sure the pull is internal (I.e. Your ligs) and not the skin. There is a post on this site under the newbie section entitled, “Most Important Newbie Threads/Info” which will explain the timing better than I can. Once you get the hold down pat, you’ll know how long you can stretch and how hard. I do 10 minutes stretching, 6 days a week.

Have fun man and good gains,

In my first month, I did not stretch, and I gained 0.1” in length and 0.1” in girth. In my second month, I started stretching, and you can see (from my signature) that I have gained half as much length again as I gained in my first month. My girth gain has halved, though.

However, I realise also that things are probably going to be up in the air for the first three months or so while my penis gets conditioned, and then gains will (I’m hoping) start to become a bit more constant. From my findings (even though two months really isn’t enough to gauge anything properly, to be honest), jelqing is good for both length and girth, but stretching before jelqing will give you a bit more of an edge in length than girth.

I stretch and jelq in the shower, so I have a constant supply of hot water falling onto my penis both before (for the warm-up) and during the exercises - I find that this does really help with making your penis more pliable. With regards to the amount of pressure used, that is mostly an individual thing (as are pretty much all other things PE) but I’ve found that it’s easy for me to gain the right pressure by taking my cock gently (with very little grip or actual stretch) to it’s FSL (flaccid stretched length), and then, once it’s at its FSL, grip just a little tighter (nowhere near enough to feel pain), and stretch a little harder so that the penis extends just a little bit beyond its normal FSL.

I feel the stretch in my ligs even when just stretching my penis to its FSL, so that when I stretch it slightly beyond its FSL, it’s a really good stretch, though with no pain (which is definitely how it should be). The lig stretch should feel like there are fibres inside your fat pad (if you’re stretching downwards) and just underneath your scrotum (if you’re stretching upward) that are getting gently pulled as your penis extends.

I have a low LOT (6), but for some reason, I feel a much better stretch if I stretch down rather than up - which is contrary to the advice in the LOT theory (just for the record, I feel almost no stretch when stretching in an upward direction). I stretch as I described above, for 30 seconds in first a downward direction and then in an upward direction, repeating that five times to bring my total stretching time per day to 5 minutes. I don’t stretch left or right because (a) I don’t want any possibility of introducing a lop to either side when my penis is hanging in a flaccid state, which can happen because one of your hands is most likely stronger than the other, so that you end up pulling harder with your stronger hand than you do with your weaker one; and (b) I figured that stretching downwards and upwards would also stretch the ligs in the same way as stretching to the left or right, so why stretch to the left or right?

Regarding my jelqing, I always start jelqing right after stretching, from a total flaccid state. This ensures that I do not go beyond 50% erection while jelqing.

I hope my personal advice can help you. :)


as I see it this is totally OK with Bib’s LOT Theory ;)
a) If you pull at a high angle (11-12 o clock ??) you are mainly stretching the tunica (to make sure you really stretch mostly the tunica there is the advice of using your second hand to hold your cock at the base).
b) If you do it at lower angles you increase (with decreasing time on the clock) the stretches on your penile ligament.

a makes sense if you want to increase the length of your tunica (without or mainly without stretching your ligs since you still need them for the fun things ;-))
b only makes sense if you have a high enough LOT (7:30 up?? someone correct me if I’m wrong here) since this means there’s still some “inner penis” hidden behind the bone which will increase your bpl and nbpl if you stretch the ligament _a bit_ (not much!)


P.S: But jelqing feels nicer IMO.. Eg. my penis started feeling much healthier after I started doing only a little Wet Jelq.. and I’m not talking about the girth/length increases here.

hey guys thanks for the input,

It took my a while but i figured out the whole LOT theory thing and my LOT is at 6:00. So if im going to start stretching according Bib I should be doing Tunica stretching(stretching at 12:00) to get the most gains? Do I have this right?

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