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Is this PE in a nutshell?

Is this PE in a nutshell?

Basically it seems to me that we are looking to stretch everything—-blood chamber, tissue , tunina, ligs. Doing it in a safe way and have efficiency doing it to save time and increase results.

Understanding LOT can possibly be important for efficiency and results. Also, perhaps in theory supplements that help increase blood flow and elasticity of tissue and blood vessels might could enhance results(L-arginine?, fish oil ? etc?).

Learn the various techniques, begin manually and slowly and increase time and intensity gradually as weeks and months go by.

Eventually add or move to other techniques if needed or desired.

Safety first always.

This is the way it seems to me. Is there something I’m not thinking correctly about?

What you’ve said is mostly correct by popular view, but it unfortunately isn’t PE in a nutshell.

With the individuality of each member of this board taken into account, it’s impossible to put it in a nutshell unless it ran a theme of something like:

“Each person must listen to their body, and not just think they are, but really feel every stretch and squeeze and gauge your efforts accordingly”.

So really my view is that what we have already (i.e. a huge forum) is the best way to have PE.

Want it in a nutshell for you? Hit the search button ;)

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