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Is this ok

Is this ok

Well I have been at this PE stuff since this past Thursday. I took off Saturday and started back up on Sunday. I actually started really slow (half because not sure if I am doing it right) but tonight I decided to do the full newb routine, the only thing I left out were the kegels (still not sure how that works) I can’t quite understand what part I have to squeeze, every time I try, I do see my head expand with blood (is that the point) but I feel like I am clinching more with my anus? I went a bit off topic (sorry) the reason for the title of this post is.. Is it OK to masturbate right after the newb routine, I just can’t help myself, I have to watch some porn to get my penis at 70% to do the jelqs and after that I did the warm wrap for five minutes and then had the urge to rub one out. Will this affect my progress? Thank you in advance.

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Masturbation does not affect gains.

To kegel you squeeze the BC muscle. Pretend like your pissing and you suddenly stop. This is a kegel. Do them after your jelq routine. Try to hold the kegel for 10 seconds eventually through the course of time and practice hold it for 30 seconds.

When you clinch with your anus this is what is called a PC kegel, this to is beneficial to. Some guys clinch both the PC and BC muscles at the same time. It is about strengthening the pelvic floor. This helps with erection quality and helps to prevent urinary and fecal incontinence when you get old.

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Thanks so much king! Any other advice or suggestion’s from others would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah I’m new too. When you jelq, is it better to overhand or underhand, if that makes any sense?

There is no difference.

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But on the otherhand, there might maybe possibly be reason to shift hands and grip, to get the workout more evenly distributed. If not in the same workout, then over time. Just a hunch without anything to back it up.

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I can’t use two hands =( hands are too big, stick is too small. Hard to stay erect too.


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