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Is this ok?

Is this ok?

Here’s my beginning routine

5 mins hot compress

5 mins regular stretches
5 mins v-stretches
10 mins (200) jelqs

5 mins hot compress

followed by ADS

Is that ok for a beginner? I plan to replace the stretching with hanging as i progress later

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Hi Silver

It’s definitely a good idea to ask about a proposed routine, especially starting out. My input would be this:

First look at your schedule (days on/off), then the routine. What will you do for rest days? Many people try 2 on/ 1 off and that might be a good starting point.

Second, the routine. A number of things to consider:

Your warm-up/down is fine. Especially if you do wet compress. Either way is fine for what you are doing, however. Just make sure you do it. The longer the better, especially afterward.

10 mins or 200 jelqs is fine. Concentrate on developing a steady ‘beat’ to your stroke. Just don’t go with a long, heavy stroke for awhile. Give yourself a number of weeks before you get aggressive, but don’t be a pansey either.

V-stretches. OK, here it is good to think in terms of repetitions as opposed to duration. Now you will want to time each repetition, that’s true. Be careful with your V-stretches and I would even suggest you give yourself at least a week of just regular manual stretching before you try that sucker. It’s very effective (and thus, stressful).

Finally, while your penis is getting adapted to the exercise, I would say put the ADS in the drawer. It’s very important that you tone that penis up and an ADS at this point is just too much constant stress. Don’t worry - you’ll soon see the ol’ ween asking for more punishment!! But ‘tis better to take it light and get it right, than hurt yourself, no?

OK, that’s it for now. Happy PE!

Hey Buster, thank you so much for your input


As for V-stretches, I do 1-min stretches with 10-sec repetitions. Is that fine?

When would you suggest I start using ADS or hanging, out of curiosity?

Eh, I’d wait 6-8 weeks on the hanging, but you might get a different response for a more experienced hanger. Send a PM to Lil’ for his input.

Well, what do you mean to say on the stretch time? Is it a 1-minute stretch (which I would say don’t do at this time) or a 10-sec stretch?

Originally posted by BusterHymes

Well, what do you mean to say on the stretch time? Is it a 1-minute stretch (which I would say don't do at this time) or a 10-sec stretch?

Well, what I mean is I pull the penis out for 1 min in one direction, and within that minute I do 10-sec V-stretches

Is that the right way to do it?

Well, now I understand what you meant, and understand why I didn’t get it.

Because, no, it’s not right as far as I learned it. You see, the way my pappy schooled me…

OK, no - you simply pull that thing out for 10 secs and drop the hammer on it (figuratively speaking - I mean your v-shaped hand) for 10 secs. Let go of willy for whatever your rest interval is. Pull, push down, count, let go.

Hey, I am serious. Don’t overdo your V-stretches with aggression. You are pushing down on the dorsal nerve area, remember? Btw, since Thunder has mentioned this recently to us as mods, I am gonna emphasize it here for you and others - go to this URL and make sure this is how you’re holding your penis for your stretches —> http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…/AFBconcept.htm

And I’m not up for doing any dorsal nerve injury surgery this weekend (as Mom would say, but she would just say that about *anything*, you know?).

ah I see

You pull the penis out for only as long as u apply the v-pressure, then you let go

I’ve been doing it the wrong way, apparently.

Thanks! This info will prevent me from any potential injury ;)

Originally posted by Silver
When would you suggest I start using ADS or hanging, out of curiosity?

You can start hanging when you feel comfortable with the idea. Manual PE in the beginning is best IMO as you can get to know your johnson a little better, through hot wraps, stretching, jelqing etc. Also, depending on age and physical condition, some manual PE is going to condition him a little more in preparation for hanging. As long as you begin slowly, go through the learning curve, and avoid any risks, you could begin. However, time is an issue if you try to mix many different techniques, as you will not do any one exercise long enough to reap the benefits. Concentrate on one or two exercises and stick to them.


Guiri makes good points.

Jelqing/stretches you can jump into with just a bit of reseach, but the research needed for hanging is a good bit. I felt leery about hanging when I first started, did tons of research, and now am quite comfortable with it. It was really the research that made me feel OK about hanging. Just having a desire to increase penis size without the knowledge of how to hang safely can lead one into serious injury.


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