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Is this normal

Is this normal

I’ve been jelqing for about 2 weeks now, and I’ve noticed that my penis feels more heavy and thicker when I’m about 50% as compared to when I’m fully erect. When I measure my penis at 50-60%, I have a slight edge of girth compared to fully erect. What does this mean? Am I only gaining in penis girth at a lower percentage of erection as compared to fully erect?

My main goals are to increase Full erection girth.. Not so worried on length. This is why I’m concerned. I try to jelq at 70-80 percent erection, but after a couple jelqes in, it usually drops down to 50%.


Mine did the same thing the first couple of weeks. Thicker and longer flaccid hang, with more pronounced veins and rosy skin complexion are the first things I noticed from jelqing.

Thanks for the response.. I read the PI indicators and heres what I found about my unit.

After 2 weeks, I noticed that my morning wood has dropped. I do get hard, however, it’s not as hard as it used to be. I do notice that my unit hangs and feels alot larger, and has more veins popping out at 50ish percent.

I’ve gone about 5 days on straight, with a routine of 5 minute rice sock warmup, followed by 30-50 jelqes, followed by a warmdown. I tend to masterbate about once every day.. Sometimes every other. I only rested one day, and I’m thinking I should rest 2 days straight without masterbating or PE’ing to see if I can get that morning wood EQ back. However, I haven’t really measured my unit at a 100% EQ, well, since I can’t really reach that. Maybe over training?

It’s advisable for beginners to start with a 2 ON 1 OFF schedule or even 1 ON 1 OFF schedule and progress to more workout days as time goes if they have good PIs.

I think you are correct to assume that you overtrained your unit and it is telling you to give it some rest.

Wait till after you finished your newbie routine then measure or at least after 1 month so you don’t get disappointed as gains may come slow for some.

Yea I had the same issue when I first started. Are you having issues keeping your erection down during jelq sessions? Beginners typically should not jelq at high erection levels. When I did this I lost my morning wood also.

In general while PEing, it was hard for me to keep my erection down, during streching and jelqing. I found something that works magically for me. It is a topical gel, that has essential minerals and vitamins (the big ones are zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium, all VERY essential for bodily healing) and it also has peppermint oil in it. This increases the vascularity of the skin. Also what I have found is that the burning sensation of the peppermint allows me to get in a full 30-40 min session with little to no erection!! Works wonders for me, try it out. One of the hard things about being a noob is touching you cock and it not getting hard, because it is ass backwards to what we have generally trained it to do. :)

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