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Is this normal

Is this normal

I just found out that when I have an erection and I make half a tourniquet-like grab so that only the top side of the base of my penis is restricted, it gets really really engorged! All my veins becomes super visible and pumped. Even the big one on the top of the base that I press pumps? Does that make sense? Mostly because the same thing does not happen at all if I press on the opposite site or all around the base. Only the top side? It’s kinda weird, because that’s where my biggest visible vein is. But when I squeeze only that nothing happens either :S

I just measured a girth difference of 1cm from normal erection

It may be where the artery in your penis is located that you are constricting, or it may be where the majority of the veins are that you are constricting. The point is is that you are cutting off the blood somewhere and this is a normal response. As a matter of fact, this method is considered an advanced PE technique and used in girth enlargement, which should not be done until you have done PE for at least a few months.

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You are manually clamping your penis. Be very careful as this can be very stressful for your penis.

But how can the veins I clamp, fill with blood? That doesn’t make sense does it?

The physics of clamping are pretty straight-forward. The veins are on the outside of your dick. These veins on the surface take the blood OUT of your dick. The artery that brings blood INTO your dick is located below the surface. The idea of Clamping is that you restrict the flow of blood out of your erect penis so that it stays in a hyper-expanded state. You just want to be careful because it is really easy to do this for too long or too intensely and cause real damage to the veins and capillaries that look after the blood flow throughout your dick

Before you do any clamping be certain to read as much as you can on the process. DO a search on Clamping, it isn’t hard to find out what you need to know.

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Maybe I’ll just stick to what I know for now :) .. But that’s for the explanation.. Too bad though, that my vein are so big.. It seems that more blood is transported out that sieves in

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