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Is This Normal??

Is This Normal??

Well I have been doing a routine for while. I don’t know but when I was doing a wet jelqing I suddenly touched my glans right after my rep.

My glans felt kinda cold is that normal ??? Does that mean I’m doing jelqs correctly getting a kinda cold glans after each rep??

For your info I do wet jelqs and they are extremely slow and long I’m pointing downwards .

Sounds like reduced circulation to me and it is not normal when doing jelqs. Try experimenting with not doing them so extremely slow, loosening up your grip and or kegel more often during the jelqs.

Warm up 10 minutes with rice sock targeted my sides,base, Underside and topside of Penis. I only stay 2 minutes of each area then move on to aonther area of penis.
Stretch left,right,up,straight out. For every stretch I kegel 30 times for each stretch.

Do 2 circle stretches left.right.up kegel 5 times each.

I jelq for 10 minutes with baby oil. Erection level is about 40 to 50%. Sitting on the edge of bed . I have to use 2 hands because my turkey neck gets in the way of my jelqing technique. My jelqs are very slow and long. I heard this will promote better growth for gains. I try to perfect each jelq going for quality not quantity during each session. I always make sure the meatus is swollen and my glans swell with blood. This is what they call expansion I believe when your glans swell with blood righ?? After my 10 minutes.

I go straight to Edging for 10 minutes. EQ is average around 9. Each time I PONR I wait for the sensation to go away then resume my Edging. After my 10 minutes are up I’m DONE.

Then I use a cold wash cloth put on my dick almost every time with a boner. For about 1 minutes thats is my whole routine.

I have gained 0.81” of BPEL and 0.31” of EG.

Are you uncircimcised? If so, your problem could be you are grasping the base too tight. Ease up or swith to dry jelqs.

No , I’m actually cut .

Maybe it was just a cold room. Ideally you want to exercises with a warm unit like in the shower but a slightly cold tip isn’t the end of the world. Just shake it about a bit to get circulation going.

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