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Is this normal

Is this normal

I just started a few months ago and I do see a lil gain. I am doing newbie routine really and I notice that my skin on my penis is kinda wrinkly now more. Not like smooth or anything flaccid. I also see some stretch marks.. Fyi I don’t PE very hard like some of you guys. SO I was just wondering if this is normal or anybody else has seen things like this. I have never gotten black dots but I did get really red dots probably cause I jelqed when fully erect and I had to stop to recover cause I was getting like burst veins or something like that. But now I do it properly.

thats completely normal

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If thats normal does it mean it’s working?? I think I ve seen gains but I don’t know cause I kinda got used to my size because I wasn’t very big in the first place. I’m about 5.5 now. I was 5 inches I think. But measuring is always a factor but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen gains.

Hi earth1

Yes it is normal for the foreskin to get wrinkles from Jelqing, because you are doing something new that you hadn’t done before. When you masterbate you use the foreskin in a different way. It is best to Jelq with a 60%-70% erection and not at 100%. You probably have made some gains even if its .5”

Good luck with your Routine.

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