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Is this normal? Girth question - width vs depth

Is this normal? Girth question - width vs depth

I can only speak for my own tool.

The width really is quite good, I feel; looking down on it, it’s A-okay. It’s when I get a side view that I start to shudder. The depth is just so much less than the width. If the depth were even close to the width, I’d easily be a 5.5”. Since that’s NOT the case, I’m stuck in HELP!-land.

Is it generally the case that the erect dick is wider than it is deep? Depending on the answer to that, are there any specific approaches that should be followed by the PE’er in those circumstances?

STARTING STATS - 02/02/2015: BPEL 7.6 --- MEG 5.25 --- 5.25" with semi erection; but 5.16 MEG with 100% boner; BEG 5.47

CURRENT - 13/03/2015: I had to check a few times, but I'm pretty sure I got a genuine BPEL 7.8!! Will check girth again in a couple of weeks

GOAL: BPEL 8.50 --- MEG 5.5 --- BRING IT ON! (I've revised my goals for the time being; maybe I was being too ambitious too early on)

Agreed, it’s totally normal. I expect if you work on girth you’ll probably find your cross-section starts to become more circular (i.e. you’ll gain more ‘depth’ than ‘breadth’).

Yes, it’s pretty common.

CS gains are quite easily and my girth gains mostly come from the depth.

Anyway the most important girth is in the CC since it’s harder than CS.

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