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Is this normal after jelqing

Is this normal after jelqing

After I did some jelqing I noticed tiny red blotches(presumably blotches of blood) appear on the shaft of my penis, is this normal or did I do something wrong?

Yup, normal. If it looks excessive, ease up a bit. I would bet that nearly everyone who jelqs got those at least once.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
I would bet that nearly everyone who jelqs got those at least once.

Or anyone that masturbates for that matter.

Actually there’s been several threads around here in the past about just such things.
I remember posting in a few. I won’t rip on you about learning where the search button is,
someone else will be along any minute now to do that. (top right corner)

But since we’re on the subject of those little red spots.
I actually don’t get them anymore since I started PE.
I used to get them occasionally from masturbation and I had all but convinced myself out of paranoia that I must have some form of herpes.
You know, little red bump … only come out after abusing my dick …

Thunders was and is the ONLY place I’ve ever heard any discussion about this.
Actually it’s not likely that you would have this discussion anywhere else.
How relieved I was to know other guys got them once in awhile also, and that it’s normal.

Dad where were you? Come to think off it, the only thing you ever did say was to make sure I kept the nails cut. WTF???
I’m sure the girls appreciated it, but it didn’t do much for me. Sorry I’m having a childhood trauma right now.

Like GS said, it’s also a good indicator that you may be over doing it too.
If they aren’t too bad, a good warm wrap or soak afterwards can alleviate most of them except the most stubborn, in which case you may to wait a day for them to go away on their own.

Oh Rosie, Oh Girl … I wonder if that’s what he was singing about -lol

If you have just started jelqing or had a long break, you should start up slowly or those blotches will appear. When I started after break, I did 100-200 very light jelqs before the actual training. If I passed this warm-up, the blotches appeared. Nowadays I can do very hard training, including pretty intensive erect jelqing, without any blotches. So start up slowly. I also use arginine, ginkgo and fish oil as a supplements and own essential oil blend as a jelqing lube.

The same thing happened to me as well. I used the search function, but I didn’t find anything about small red dots I found about larger ones. I am so tired right now. Don’t worry about it though. I jelqed pretty hard in the beginning and got that too. I took a week or two off and they came back again. I minimized the intensity and just made sure I was doing it correctly, and I haven’t had the spots since. I can now apply a good amount of pressure without worrying about the little bastards. Mine were never bumps, just looked like a burst blood vessel. I get it every now and then, but not a ton of little small ones in random patches like before.

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