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Is this meant to happen

Is this meant to happen

Normally I can get an erection just by flexing and not actually using my hands, after jelqing and stretching I cannot do this, is this a bad sign?

Can you still get a good erection if you do use your hands?



I used to not be able to control my erections. A single thought of a naked female, no stimulation, would make me hard. Since starting PE I find it harder for me to get an erection after my workouts because my penis is “tired.” But with a little hand work and mental pictures I can get it hard no problem. Just takes a few seconds longer then pre-PE.

Yea, like nunu23 said, it’s more than likely your penis literally just being worn out. Immediately prior to exercises or two hours after are you able to get erections like you did before? If so then I’d say your fine and you’re just getting a proper workout :)

I’d say so, this is what I experience also. The next day however, I can get a great rock hard erection without touching my penis. Also, if I use my hands, I can get a great rock hard erection that is noticeably more pumped right after jelqing. I get a little bit of the “baseball bat” effect going on, very noticeable.

In fact, I’ve only been PEing a little under 2 weeks now, and only been jelqing for 5 days and post workout, I will measure BPEL of 7 5/8 with a kegel and 7 1/2 without a kegel, not to shabby. Girth increases a quarter inch also (with the stated baseball bat effect, my mid shaft is rock hard, but noticeably thicker).

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

newbPE, I wouldn’t really worry…unless after a day you can’t do this either. Think of it this way: Would you be expected to be able to carry a really heavy box after an intense leg workout? Probably not. But maybe the day after that you could carry the box again.

Sounds like you are jelking too hard, or overdoing something in your routine.

I see it this way: Anyone who normally has no ED issues and suddenly has a problem when they take up PE is overdoing something. If you can’t end your daily routine with an erection, you overdid something that day. Go back and figure out what that was.



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