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Is This Lig Stretch An Existing Exercise?

Is This Lig Stretch An Existing Exercise?

New guy here. I’ve realized that I’m able to pop my suspensory ligament once or twice a day. Without me drawing a diagram, if I’m standing and my erection is parallel to the ground (perpendicular to my body), I’ll grab the head of my penis with my left hand, and by making a “V” with the thumb and index of my right hand, I’ll push downward, right at the base of my penis. As long as I have a full erection and push firmly, my lig will “pop.”.

It actually feels good, and I’ve had it pop multiple times during sex when the girl is grinding on top. My question is - could doing the popping motion that I do be an effective stretch for length? If after a pop, I’ll hold for 30 seconds instead? I figure that this puts a great amount of pressure on the lig as you have easy leverage to rely on, rather than the limited grip you have with a strict pulling motion

If the ligament pops solely from being stretched, I feel like this a would be extremely effective, as mine pops fairly consistently with this, and almost never pops using the normal newbie routine. However, you don’t get any tunica gains in the area from the base outward to the head.

Is this something that PE’ers already do regularly? Or do you think there are foundational problems with the concept of this particular stretch? (E.g. - If I’m mistaken with the concept of a suspensory ligament pop = a stretched suspensory ligament)

Lig pops are not linked to growth that I know. Although they are not dangerous, I wouldn’t attempt often to have lig pops, you could irritate some nerves.

I’ve had some of these pops in the past, too, while having sex. First time it freaked me out! But, once I realized by penis wasn’t permanently bent to the side, I chilled out! I try staying away from these!

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