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Is This Good or Bad

Is This Good or Bad

I remember reading that this was a good thing, but I’m not positive. I heard a “pop” when I was stretching. Just wondering what it means exactly.

It was probably a lig pop. No harm done. I do it all the time it actually feels good to me.

I’ve never had one, and I thought I was pulling pretty hard. Am I not pulling hard enough? Is there any warning that it’s going to pop? I.e., what does it feel like just before?

I get the lig pops in my wrists, I got em once while I was hammering away on LVL’s and have got them quite often ever since. Its not a good feeling atleast in my wrist and my wrist became significantly weaker after that especially when I grip heavy objects in different angles. I dont know if the same can be true for your dick.

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