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Is this FOR REAL?


Is this FOR REAL?

Ok.. Never thought I’d be posting or even searching something in this “field”.. Anyways, here is my story:

I was with a girl for a few years, we had great sex, I stimulated her in ways she said “no one ever has”. Apparently, her best lay “EVER!”.. Or so I was lead to believe.. Long story short, we are no longer together. It was really a mutual break up, a few fights here and there and we agreed that it really wasn’t going places.. No hard feelings.. Perfect ending to a seemingly perfect relationship, right?

Guess again.. After about a week or so I started to receive random texts from RANDOM people about how I have a small dick.. Huh?. I never before that moment even thought about my penis size. I guess the reason for that is because I grew up always having a girlfriend.. Never gave it any mind, never heard any complaints.. So I guess this comes as a total shock to me.. Especially, because I thought that this girl and I really did enjoy having sex with one another..

Some texts were very cruel.. No need to repeat them.. There was one that I also got a laugh out of.. Someone remixed that teeny weeny song and threw in my name. I thought that was creative.. Just adding this so you guys get a picture of just how far these people went to make sure I know I’m not well endowed..

Anyways, to keep this short the texts sorta got to me.. I guess.. I am here writing this after all.. I’m not naive, I know women say things around guys they like to make them feel better and all that.. Which I’m sure explains the quotes up top..

So where am I now? Unsure of myself and a little self conscious about this whole thing.. I mean my thing..

I guess I’m posting this not for support or reassurance that I have a nice dick (its now a mental thing, I’m hoping PE will cure). I am however, just looking for a genuine answer whether this stuff really works? I’ve been to this site and PE something or other a week or so just reading.. Most of you guys are all talking about great gains which I’m at this point interested in..

If anyone can point me in the right direction (routine) that would be much appreciated!!

I figured I should measure my penis since everyone here pretty much shares that information.. Measurements below in inches..

8 erect length
6 erect girth .. Just kidding.. This is my long term goal.

I actually fall in the average range with:

6 1/4 erect length
4 1/2 erect girth .. I’ve set my short term goals at 7 length and 5 girth (erect)

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this! Really I mean that!

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People can be mean. Apparently your breakup wasn’t as mutual as you thought. Read this:

Penis Size: The True Average

You’ll see you’re longer than average and your girth is average or a little lower but not by much, dependent on survey.

So, don’t get into PE because someone decided to trash talk you after a relationship ended. You’re fine already.

PE will make you concentrate more on the size of your penis than a bunch of texts from random people and the size reports here often seem to emphasise above average, so be prepared to feel worse about your dick than you do now.

If you get into PE, try to be positive about it and treat it as a long term project.

Welcome to the forum.

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Lets it go.. The fact that she’s going to this level says it all about her.. Let yourself feel bad, but limit how long, then leave it..

Don’t allow anyone other than you to determine how you feel about yourself, when you do you’ve handed power over
to another person.. They don’t have the right, so don’t give it to them..


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Hello intox47 we will never understand women mate; welcome to thunders momento has said it all really I’m a newbie just over two months on the newbie routine which you will find on here and I have noticed some definite changes for the better in that time. I am still a bit skeptical but I’m slowly coming round the tape measure can’t be lying to me 😁 It’ takes time and dedication to use the classic adage it’s a marathon not a sprint. I think it’s just important to set your self realistic mile stones to keep up the motivation and I’m sure with the right attitude and application that you will get there. All the best mate and once again welcome 😀

Welcome intox47. Put all those thoughts out of your mind and forget and move on! Shes clearly hurt and trying to warm others away from you probably because she doesn’t want you near anybody close to her (friends and other girls she knows). Your size is solid, and yes PE really does work!! Its hard to believe but the only way to prove it is to get onto a beginners routine, stay consistent and watch it beef up! I did not believe at first as id never heard of penis exercises but nearly 2 years and 0.8 in length and 0.25 in girth later I’m hooked and love my newer size.

Good luck.

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Sounds like you’re young, so is she except she is a dip shit.

Yeah man, this stuff works WELL. I have a thread documenting it, I started at 17 actually with exercises I read online. Start super slow would be my advice, like the newbie routine and slowly slowly increase, that is the secret to long term goals in my opinion.

Start with the linear routine, finish it, continue with the newbie rouitne and finish it.

We will talk more after that. Hit the serach button for the routines. Never jelq the top or the down side of the penis. Don’t do too much kegeling.

As for the girl, well hurt women always have the tendency to mock their ex boyfriends’ penises which always seems to be awesome when they are together even in cases where the relationship last years and all of a sudden the same penis becomes a shrimp when they break up.

Yeah, women do that. Go figure.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Welcome to Thunders,

Listen to Bill… he can be a little scary at times :eek: but his advice is solid.

This really does work, just take it real easy… and work your way up slowly.

Don’t worry about the bitch, we have all been there… and I’ve organised the hot poker parade :cutlass: :moon: to give her a visit for you.

Good Luck!

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Well, I wouldn’t say scary. Just a little firm to the newbies :-)

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Intox47 you got some great comments from everyone, I’m just going to say that I started PE at roughly the same size as you and like yourself nobody told me I was small before, but I was very aware that I was average, and knowing that was a big deal to me for many many years I simply wasn’t happy with what I had. You on the other hand never had that problem, only recently because of a jealous and bitter exgirlfriend, women like to hurt us some times and they know penis is an easy way to do it.

Try to get over those stupid comments even if it hurts, PE works but it take a shit load of time, you have to really want it to get some results, but PE has been awesome for me it really helped and I’m not going to stop any day soon, I encourage anyone with a penis complex to at least try it and see if the it’s worth the efforts for them. But keep in mind what memento said you will be focusing on your penis size SO MUCH MORE if you get into PE.

Hope you make the right decision for YOU.

Take care.

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Originally Posted by bill10

Well, I wouldn’t say scary. Just a little firm to the newbies :-)

And it’s very much appreciated :)

Starting Stats: BPEL 7.0¨ x MEG 5.3¨ (4th Nov 2015)

Current Stats: BPEL 7.75¨ x MEG 5.6¨ (16th Jan 2018)

The Dream: BPEL 8.1¨ x EG 6.1¨ (Not sure if the wife supports ¨the dream¨)

Wow!! Thank you everyone, the comments from all of you are incredible. I was unsure at first if I wanted to post anything at all but I’m glad I did. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to reply to me, it means a lot!

I’m glad to now be apart of what seems a lot like a “brotherhood” of PE’rs. I will follow your advice Bill10 and take it slow with the Linear routine then move on to the Newbie routine. At this point, I’m just going to take it day by day and see what happens. I’ll try and find enjoyment in the exercises, if the byproduct is a bigger, longer, healthier penis, then great!

I wish all of you the best of luck!

Great advice from all around. Block out the noise intox47. Surround yourself with positive people who are driven and the rest will take care of itself.

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Originally Posted by intox47
I wish all of you the best of luck!

Thank’s, have a nice one.

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