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Is this common?

Is this common?

When im laying down i measure about half an inch shorter. Do you usually measure standing up or laying down? I think its because the fat pad is pushed up when you lay down. Correct?


It doesn’t matter how you measure as long as you do it the same way each time. Laying down, standing, or sitting all work as long you practice and do it the same way each time. This is because you are right, your body position does change your measurement.

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So what way is correct?

Originally Posted by NeedHalfAnInch
So what way is correct?

Correct is dependent on whether these statistics that will be gathered for just yourself or if they will be gathered for the community as a whole.

If they are just dependent on yourself then correct is just whatever way you find a way to measure that you can do consistently every time. If that means contorting your body into a pretzel, well so long as you can do that consistently then there’s no issue.

As for gathering statistics that will be contributed back to the community, I think it’s preferred that you’re standing up feet comfortably apart, measuring with a ruler pressed to the pelvic bone on the top side of your penis. There are still minor discrepancies like your erection quality but this should satisfy 98% of people out there.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

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