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Is this bad??????

Is this bad??????

ok i have been doing the exercises and when erect you the head of the penis from the shaft. They dont lool like 2 separate parts. Look below to know what i mean


my penis looks like the above when erect, it looks like one whole thing instead of having a shaft, then clearly the head.

is this normal? is this a problem? if so what should i do? isnt the penis supposed to look like below (isnt the head supposed to look a little bigger and separate from the shaft like below?)


Wow, trippy post.

Maybe you need to add head excercises in a while.

It sounds like your girth has increased but you head is not keeping pace.

Head excercises are NOT for newbies. You need around 2 months good jelqing before starting.

Try Sadsaks head exercise or Uli #3.

Also the head will seem to merge more as your erections get better with PE.

How long have you been PE’ing? What is your routine?

btw Is English your mother tongue?

“It sounds like your girth has increased but you head is not keeping pace. “

thanks, thats must be it. I forgot to mention that im uncircumcised so maybe this adds to the look. Is this really bad that the head is is not keeping pace? it just doesnt look right, kinda looks deformed but it doesnt have any negative effects right?

“btw Is English your mother tongue?”

oops, sorry about that. The 10 minute rule should be changed!

“How long have you been PE’ing? What is your routine?”

the strange thing is that i have only been doing manual stretch for now, since i wanted to increase my flaccid lenght. It has increased a bit but i have noticed that when erect the girth has gotten big for some reason.

I asked the language question cause I wanted to know how complex my response could be :)

If you are only doing static stretches, you will find that the girth increases mostly at the base and that the penis tapers toward the end. Hangers note this carrot shaped look a lot (Bib calls it conical or cone shaped).

You will also find that dependent on how you grip, you can stretch the skin quite a lot around the glans. I try to minimize this by using a medium tight wrap over and below the glans with tshirt material.

If your head remains deformed through to when you wake up in the morning that is a bad sign. What happens after a 2 day break. does it recover? Do you hot wrap at all?

I’ve never done stretching without complementary jelqing. Jelqing will increase length too, when done with a low erection 40-60% in theory, but also even out girth and force blood into the head.


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