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Is this acceptable

Is this acceptable

I have being PEing for 4 months now and the last month I only gained 1mm in length and 1mm in girth. Is this small gains or is it ok? My routine is: 5min manual stretchiing, then Ads as much as possible (3-4 hours a day) 6on1off. 15 min jelq and 2x2min manual clamping 1on1off. I allways use warmwrap. Any tips for improvments?


If you feel your penis is well conditioned enough, I would say to make your routine a bit more intense. 5 min manual stretching ? I do about 1 hour. But it’s up to the person and whether they are well conditioned or not. ADS are called All Day Stretchers for a reason ;) 3-4 hours won’t make a big difference. People usually do it for 5-10hours+. Just make your routine a bit more intense and you should make more gains than 1mm. Good Luck :)

Ok thanks. By the way, I have gained alot more in BPFSL. Around 4-5mm in this one month. Is it possible that my gains suddenly “shoot up”?

An increase in BPFSL can mean you are gaining or have the potential to gain. Just keep at the workout or intensify it a bit more and you should see more gains. :)

Edit. I measured wrong. I have gained 2mm in length and 1mm in girth this month, so I guess this is ok?

Your gain is great.

Jelk more try it for twenty minutes work up to 30. Do them slow 3-5 seconds.

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And make sure your erection level is around 70%. As you condition more, you can jelq around the 90-100% mark, like me !! :D

Ok thanks. I do manual stretching and extender 6 on 1 off and jelging/manual clamp 1on 1off. Is this ok or should I do stretching 7on 0off instead? Now I take one day a week completely off PE


erect jelquing isn’t generally recommended; some people have had problems with discoloration and personally I believe there is a risk of damaging venules etc. Not that I have any proof, but it seems like pushing it to me.

regards, mgus

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Hello apriliamann try my routine:

Finally: my first gains


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I think you should do 4 days on and 2 days off with a more intense route because you don’t want to hurt your penis. The more rest days the better

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