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Is this a sign to stop, keep going, or change

Is this a sign to stop, keep going, or change

First post, and hopefully it comes with good news. So I’ve been trying the Newbie Guide almost spot on, only I’m doing a little more than it atm. Ironically, I JUST lost the relationship, so I have some free time nonetheless..

Now to the interesting part.. I’ve made careful note to stretch the penis, not just the skin during the exercises, and continue ‘til the poor guy turns purplish, and stop, let it recover, and continue. I’ve had no problem with soreness, and I’ve done it for the past 4 days. I’ve taken everyone’s advice and would stretch or jelq until it feels quite uncomfortable, and use that as my threshold. Now, a few days later, it seems like my skin has stretched quite a bit while in a flaccid state. It has sort of a plastic bag-ish texture, testicles included (near the bottom of the shaft anyways).

Is this normal? Is this good? Is this bad practice? And what signs can I get early on that tells me if I should be doing it differently, or if the exercises are effective?

I really appreciate all the help I can get, and apologize for the barrage of questions.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Everything you do should be within the limits of comfort. Who gave you advice to do it until uncomfortable anyway?

Also, if you’re stretching the skin, you’re not doing stretches the way you’re supposed to. There should be no skin stretch whatsoever. Check out video section for proper form.

Oh, and take a few rest days, let your unit recover.

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Sorry, bad diction on my part. By ‘quite uncomfortable’, I meant ‘just uncomfortable’. As soon as I lose comfort, I relieve tension a bit, and use that as my threshold. Long night last night, so it’s still the morning to me right now. My mind hasn’t woken up yet.

And I’m stretching everything, not just skin. However, the caveat is just that, I’m also stretching the skin. When stretching, I feel tension in the ligaments, and have followed the videos instructions as such. Maybe it’s still my being knew to the exercises, but I don’t quite understand how you can stretch the entire thing out without a little skin stretching.

I appreciate the quick advice!

Of course skin will be pulled when you stretch your unit. But the load should be on your penis, not the shaft skin. Shaft skin should be pulled back and/or grip adjusted so that it is “loose” on the shaft when you stretch.

Otherwise you’ll be stretching skin along with the rest.

regards, mgus

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I don’t think going purple is a good threshold, honestly. Mastering the grip is something that can take months and it’s not about strength AT ALL; I used to deadlift 400 lbs and my grip would eventually slip off with my whole strength put on my penis (not to mention the cramps I got after a session). Now I do practically 0 strength and my hand is glued to my penis, so, maybe you should take time to master your grip till it doesn’t make your unit change colors while stretching.

A little skin will be stretched while you do your stretches, yes, just take care not to stretch the skin which connects your balls to your penis, otherwise you’ll get the turkey neck effect.

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