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Is this a PE exercise

Is this a PE exercise

When fairly erect squeeze both the base and the head and kegel real hard, it seems to really dilate the veins but I don’t know if it is actually any good apart from the slight clamp and kegel aspect

I can’t imagine any logical benefits. To be sure you could attempt a controlled, recorded experiment.

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Yes, that is a PE exercise often referred to as a Horse Squeeze or Horse 440. Be careful with these as you can generate a lot of internal pressure.

Horse 440 Squeezes

Aren’t Horse 440’s a jelqing technique? I could be wrong, but rm18’s technique doesn’t seem to have a milking motion. Is the jelqing aspect only a minor feature of a Horse Squeeze?

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I’ve heard of this exercise before it’s used by long term users of the Jelq technique.

Sometime by putting too much pressure or force into the exercise can disfigure the shaft of the penis for example-gaps or dents.The exercise you have described can help to heal this problem by forcing blood into the “gaps”as pressure from both top and bottom of the penis keeps it in the middle section Kegeling in blood increases the pressure further.

Where I’ve seen this technique listed it has been used in this way.

Anyway be careful I hope I’ve helped.


It’s an exercise, but it’s not recommended for newbies.

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I just call it a squeeze. Squeeze near head and base at same time, creating great internal pressure inside the shaft. I like doing them with 5 to 10 second holds, sets of 10, in between jelk sets.

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Horse 440’s arn’t jelqs…

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