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Is there such thing as PERMANENT Really

Is there such thing as PERMANENT Really

Let’s be honest. Is it possible or has anyone out there ever achieved permanent gains, meaning, you gain through stretching and jelquing routines, and it STAYS, without having to go back to the routine to get your size back? I’m about three weeks into this routine:

Towel warmup for 5-10 mins
Taking a cylynder object wrapping my dick around it and sitting on it, creating an arm free stretch (forget what the name of this exercise is) for 20-25 mins
Warm down 5-10 mins
1-2x a day

Jelquing for 15 minutes as well with 5-10 minute warm up/downs 1x a day

Both for 2 days on 1 day off

Gained .3 inches. I hit a rough patch from working two jobs where I slipped into a routine of no exercise for 2 weeks, lost .25 inches.

So is this stuff really permanent and are permanent gains possible?

There once was a man from Kent,
his tool was exceedingly bent!
To save him the trouble,
he packed it in doubble,
and instead of cumming he went!

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Some people claim they keep there gains after years of no PE or very little maitenince and others say they lost some but the gains usually come back fast once they start PE again. There is also a theory of cementing gains once you got them. You could of had a measurement error as well. Learn how to measure as perfect as you can every time in the same exact state you dick was in before (erect, semi-erect, flaccid, bone-pressed, non-bone pressed).

Of course permanent gains are possible! If you deform something to a certain point there is no going back.

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Yes, gains are permanent but only when you have cemented them down (keep your current routine as much as a bodybuilder does) to make the gains ”stick”

So yeah, they are but you CAN lose about 5/10% of your total gains when you stop totally

But PE is like going to a gym, it’s good for your health and takes just a tad of your time in a day

So why stop? :)

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Short term goal: 21cm by 14cm

Long term goal: 23cm by 16 cm

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