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Is there such a thing as shaft pump

Is there such a thing as shaft pump

I wonder if there is a shaft pump for selling and what is the name used so that I can buy it.

I suppose it is a pump that only targets the penis head, to make it bigger.

Using a pump for all the penis is unconfortable and make some kind of fluid to come up and enter the skin giving extra fake thickness to the penis, because this fluid is temporary.

However, the head isn’t affected by the fluid, and a pump over there would be small and not unconfortable AT ALL; the normal pumps usually press alot on the pubic area skin and the penis can only be facing foward, which makes it unsuitable to walk around in the street with it.

It would also be more easy to use the andropenis or all other devices of the genre because the probabilities of the rubber slipping through the shaft would be inferior.

Does anybody know if this thing exists? Or agree with me at some point?

What’s your experience with pumping?

The fluid issue sounds like you may be over- pumping— using too much pressure leading to lymphatic fluid build-up.

A combination of warm wraps and lower pressure with your current pump rig may still work out.

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I can say in my experience using small diameter cylinders and a silicone sleeve to hold the skin back that the head is still affected by fluid build up and caution is necessary. Especially if you’re dick is sensitive to vacuum.

As far as using it with an extender Autoextender I believe still sells an Vac replacement head to use with other extenders. Or he could have discontinued that item I haven’t checked in a while.

Mynewsize sells a vac hanger supposedly but good luck getting them to actually send you something once you order.

And then you have the standard glans only type cylinder that Sonnyc showed you but I don’t know what you could do with that other than try to enlarge your glans. Maybe that’s what you want to do?

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