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Is there anything wrong with stretching both the ligs and the tunica in every session

Is there anything wrong with stretching both the ligs and the tunica in every session

I’ve been PE’ing for about 3 months now, and haven’t really noticed any erect gains although some nicer flaccid ones. Taking the forums advice, I started v stretching for 3 mins on the base and middle of my penis, and doing the same inverted, in total 4x3 min tunica stretches. Alongside this I have been on 4x30 secs on upward pulling, plus 4 x downward and side to side stretches, because I was hoping I might still achieve some of the easier ligament stretches with the tunica also. Is this ill advised? I think my BPEL may have grown, but not my NBPEL.

No reason why you should not. but as with all things you do start out with very light pressure etc, and gradually build up to where you feel that something is being worked. , then adjust your routine to increase the amount of effort you use.

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Are you hanging or doing manual stretches? What kind of routine have you followed the last 3 months?

I’ve been manually stretching, pulling down for 30 secs, then downwards to either side, and doing 4 sets of each. I’ve been doing this for around 3 months. After that I’ve been pulling upwards for 30 secs four times. Now I will also V stretch at the base and middle, then inverted at the base and middle, doing 3 minutes for each. Plus 300 jelqs and the horse squeeze thing twice for 1 minute each, 2 x 1 min clamps basically. Might hanging be more beneficial? I was thinking of making bibs hanger and giving it a shot.

Stay on that for another couple of months. I think V-stretches are not bad at your stage, if you have been consistent in your PE work.


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