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Is there any way to test whether I'm jelqing correctly?

Is there any way to test whether I'm jelqing correctly?

I am wondering if there is a way to test whether I am jelqing correctly or not without actually waiting to see any gains. Ideally there would be a quick and easy to way to check that jelqing is having the required effect. Any ideas?

When jelqing, your intent should be to stretch the chambers(“corpus cavernosa”[plural] as they call it) that would hold the blood of an erection, with the blood itself, by forcing it all up to one area of it in order to kill cells in that particular area ,so that the penis may heal longer and able to hold more blood.

Summary of intent whilst jelqing: Stretch the erectile chambers with the blood of an semi-erection.

That should help you cause gaining to occur/jelq correctly.

BPEL: 8.35"/ NBPEL:7.0" /EG: Apprx. 5.5"

In my humble opinion, you just get the feel for it after a few weeks of practice. For me at first I was following directions and not really feeling it at first, but after a while things loosened up down there and I was able to move blood around like I was suppose to, for a proper jelq.

I feel like it was more or less something my body adapted to rather than something I had to learn to do properly.

Follow the instructions exactly how it is prescribed; the feeling will come with time

Start 2/27/14: BPEL 6"/ EG 5" ==> 6.5"/ 5.25"

Now: Taking a break!

Make a Donation Everybody's doing it.:cancer:

You just need to read the “how to jelq” article, however it takes a few months to master the technique and find out what works best for you

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