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Is there any going back on clamping

Is there any going back on clamping

I started a thread a week or so ago about my inability to get my gains back after my week long decon break. As of now. I have not been able to completely recover from that break.

My question is: Is it is possible that I started clamping to intense to early? I was Peing for 7 months before I even touched a clamp, but I have heard many vets say that if you are to intense with clamping early on it can toughen up the tunica. Is there a way around this if I stop clamping now, and go back to manuals for a while or should I take a break.

I mean it seemed like I was gaining girth really fast when I first started clamping, almost 0.25 inches in 2 weeks (I’d gained a total of 0.15 in the previous 7 months) and it looked quite a bit fatter, but I have been on for 3 weeks after my week off, and nothing. Any suggestions?



BTW, it wouldn’t bother me so much if what I thought I gained was typical “fluff” or fluid build up. I mean I measured this 0.2 inch gain a full 24 hours off clamping, and recheck 3 times to try and be as accurate as I could. I have not seen that since.

What a sh*t load of crap, go back? Where did you do enter the wrong door?:D

If your tunica is tougher,then apply more heat to it and warmup better. Its only human tissue…

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Calm down phantasy, its a very good question.

Titan, it is possible. Consider this, its recommended to go for our length goals first, which will thin out the tunica. Then when you start clamping, it will thicken, and toughen the tunica up in some cases. If this has happened to you, only you will. Know, but it can happen. Maybe try and continue to stretch to loosen it back up, it may work. Gain another inch, then try clamping and see if it works.

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My only suggestion to this very good question is to try the jelqs as described in the thread titled “New Jelq City”.

I am not sure if you ever can go back from clamping, or if it even makes a difference, but you were at it for not that long, if I understand the timetable correctly.

I do some manual squeezes that are perhaps like clamping in a small way. I can tell the difference in the feel of the tissue after a couple weeks doing them. I have found that doing the jelqs for a couple weeks as I suggest seems to remove that toughened, tight feeling. I have been alternating between adding the clamp-like stuff and just jelqing in an effort to avoid tissue toughening, if in fact it does happen.

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Thanks for the replies! When I look back I definitely notice a trend when I went off of clamping for a little bit, switched to manuals and went back on. I remember clamping 2X week (I’m a less is more guy), I gained 1/8th pretty fast, and then I stopped going back down to 1/16th from doing the manuals but then I went back to clamping and put on a very quick 3/16th of an inch.

That said I think you all are on to something, much like stretches I suppose you really have to feel out the clamping. It’s just hard when some people are big girth gainers by clamping like crazy and others not so much.

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