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Is there a Percentage of gains that can be estimated from your starting size


Average is about half of that gain, I think.

Gotta agree with Marinera on that one.

What I tend to see is that when people start off, they will gain half an inch right off the bat in 1 to 6 months, likely mostly from making the most use of the penis they already have. Then the next 0.25 also comes pretty readily for some, and every 0.25 increment after that tends to be a struggle. The best mindset seems to be “PE is a marathon, not a sprint”… which I think was coined by marinera himself. Essentially, every 0.01” is 0.01” that you didn’t have before, and having a working dick is better than having a small dick, so don’t rush things.

Okay, now that I have realistic expectations on that.. What about girth? Whats the usual story there? A realistic goal?


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