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Is there a name for this stretch

Is there a name for this stretch

I’ve watched the manual stretching videos, and I know the one where you grab just below the head and pull straight out so you stretch the ligs. What if you put an “ok” grip on the base of your shaft, hold it in place, and grab just below your head and stretch? This would ONLY stretch the shaft itself, correct? This seems like a great stretch!

It seems like the stretch where you pull the shaft in two different directions, I.e pulling the shaft towards the body with one grip and pulling it away from the body with the other grip? Someone talked a lot about these last year, I’m not sure if they were named or not, maybe you could do a search and find them?

19th Feb 2012

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No I think he means just holding the OK-grip there, maybe this creates a fulcrum on the stretched ligs. I don’t know.

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Pull upwards if you want to pull on shaft and no ligs.

regards, mgus

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If I remember correctly someone coined the name TOW (tug-of-war) for this stretch, which makes sense. It’s a very good stretch, just make sure you aren’t stretching skin only. You’ll need a tight enough grip to apply pressure to the internal structures of your penis.

I was referring to what Seven wrote. This seems pretty simple but couldn’t find anything by searching or with the videos. Is this an uncommon stretch or something? Will it help length at all?

It didn’t feel anything particular to me, I think regular manual fulcrum stretches are better.

Has been: 6.4 x 4.7 (16.3 x 12cm)

Is : 6,9 x 4.7 (17.7 x 12cm)

WILL BE : 7 x 4,8 (17,8 x 12.2cm)

I think that what you are referring to is the two way stretch, where you pull your penis in one direction, and press or pull on the shaft in the opposite direction.

It is a rather intense stretch, and to me it is the best so far. It targets the tunica rather then the ligs.

Yes, two way stretch is the correct name.

You can do it for 30-60 seconds than you may change hands. I do 4-6 sets than I change exercise.

You can create a nice fulcrum effect with this stretch by adding this simple variation:

— Grab towards the glans with an overhand OK grip (thumb on underside).

— Grab around base with an underhand OK grip (fingers on underside).

— Now, just twist the hand that’s gripping your glans downward, so your shaft bends around the nuckles of the hand that’s gripping the base.

The thumb underneath plays the fulcrum. The leverage is intensified as the thumb rolls over the top of your nuckles.

It might take some practice and changes to the position of your glans-holding hand, but I get a very good stretch to the topside of my shaft doing this stretch. You can also create same fulcrum effect bending right and left.

There’s a way to hit to do something similar and target the underside too, but I can’t describe it without dropping trou here in the office and getting hit with an harrassment suit.

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