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Is the S.O. aware of your PE'ing

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My Wife/Ex-wife knows . I didn’t tell her until we did the dirty one night after my routine and she said it felt way better , like it was bigger or something . That was pretty cool . Too bad she’ll probably miss out when I reach my goal .

If you PE and just have a gf or fuck buddy, I don’t see the problem with others knowing you are PEing. Unless you don’t want women checking out your crotch for a bulge. As they say, no form of advertising is bad advertising. I PE just for me and my wife and don’t care what others think of what I do. What goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. And yes, she likes the results but I’m not where I want to be.

I haven’t told my wife and don’t really see any advantages of telling her. I keep my routine down to 30 min which I can do it within a time slot I have for myself in the morning. I could even make it an hour but I don’t see the need right now. The limited time is a good motivator to keep the exercises efficient and intense, everything is done in the bathroom. Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for me as resting days in my weekly schedule, this also guarantees top performance when we have the best opportunities for sex.

I use no special equipment that would disclose what is going on if found. During the sessions there are things in the bathroom that do not normally belong there, but those things can be explained away rather easily if it ever will be needed. I get no discoloration or bruises from the exercises I do so there is no need to explain odd looks. The only visual difference is a slightly more veiny look but the change is just as slow as the gradual increase in size.

All this means it is very easy for my to do PE in stealth mode, and I chose to take advantage of the opportunity. It is not that I don’t trust her, it is just that I doubt she would find my efforts reasonable since she always has been perfectly happy with my size. I’m sure she tells the truth but what if she would enjoy sex even more if I was bigger, and/or want to have sex more often? Now that I actually can increase my size secretly I don’t want to throw away the opportunity to learn the truth about these matters.

If she knew what I’m doing she would probably just tell me what she thinks I like to hear, I have no use for that. Instead I need her responses to my growth to be spontanous and primal, as true as it possibly gets. Since it is very unlikely that she think it is possible for a penis to be enlarged without surgery, the changes are perceived by her at an emotional level. I’m open for the possibility of both positive and negative responses, but so far her input reinforces my efforts to continue growing. If I must turn to pumping or hanging to continue growing I will probably have to tell her, and it will be a different game.

My wife is very insecure and doesn’t like me hiding things from her. It wouldn’t be a problem , but she’s like Sherlock Holmes and can figure anything out. So if I didn’t tell her she would have found out on her own and then I would have been in big doodoo.


Originally Posted by Unicorn762
Instead I need her responses to my growth to be spontanous and primal, as true as it possibly gets.

Good point!



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