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Is stretching necessary warmup to jelqing

Is stretching necessary warmup to jelqing

I tried the newbie routine last night. While stretching, it felt more like the skin was being worked than ligaments, but that probably is from lack of experience. It occurred to me, though, that maybe I don’t want to do the stretches. Successful ligament lengthening means a lower erection angle, right? My wood is already at 90 degrees—always has been. I don’t want it pointing at the floor. That will happen soon enough from aging, so why rush it.

Do the stretches prep the tunica for jelqs? Or can I simply go straight from warm-up to jelqs to warm-down?

Hey calfaddict, I’m new to this as well, although I do own an extender, and I haven’t noticed any difference in erection quality, but as far as the stretching goes, I most definitely have a bigger limp dick, which is rather a nice change I must say. But as far as if the stretching will change your angle.. I don’t know. Good luck !


Sure, you don’t have to stretch.

Also, stretching doesn’t have to lower erection angle. The notion that stretching downwards lengthens the ligs and “exposes” inner penis is but a theory anyway. Morever, you could always stretch upwards or straight out if its a theory you buy into and whose consequences you would wish to avoid.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Hey Bonason, good luck to you as well. Sounds as if we’re in for a long haul if this stuff really works as advertised.

Klayton: I did find that the stretching routine helped me easily get partially erect, so I guess I will at least try to stretch in an upwards direction as part of a warm-up routine.

I don’t have all the answers as a fellow newbie. However, I’d say making good length gains is almost impossible without stretching ligaments.

I don’t think stretching does have to impact that greatly on erection angle, because you are exposing the “inner” penis you have. Also some jelqing will aid blood flow.

Exit point, LOT and erection angles all seem to have some relevance to potential gains and what you should be targeting.

Jelqing as far as I can see aids blood flow into the penis and while gains are possible, the bigger gains come from stretching as regards length.

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No change in erection angle or exit point for me.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve decided to continue the full range of stretches and just keep a close watch for any decrease of erection angle. The stretches are serving to get me partly erect, so going right to jelqs has been easy.

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