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Is stretching necessary for gains?

Is stretching necessary for gains?

Can I get gains only from wet jelqing and other jelqing methods? I’m kinda scared of stretching because of lig pops - I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it still scares me for some reason.

Thanks in advance.

Last Warrior,

It did me too. Read Thunder’s Newbies Threads. You can start out with simple, easy-to-do jelqing. I didn’t start to do stretching exercises until I was well into my third month of PE.


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Last Warrior -

I just finished my first full month of PE and all I did was stretch. Just take it easy at first, gradually building up additional tension. If you are not comfortable with pulling hard, don’t.

After one month of stretching I can tell you that I am MUCH better flaccid and have gained a conservative .5 inch in length (actually a little more, but just being careful with the measurements). I am almost 43 years old and have never done anything like this before. Also, I knew i was a little longer in my youth so the .5 might simple be a recovery of what i already had. Regardless, I am glad I started and now I am hooked.

I thought PE was BS until a friend actually said it worked, so I decided to try it. Thanks Thunder!!

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Personally I think stretching is very underated.. I’ve mostly concentrated on stretching up to 3 times a day. Heat is also a key for me. So far so good :) Looking forward to 3 month measurements!!

I stretch for about 6 to 8 hours with an ads. Its comfortable and dont hurt me. I think its the way to have cement gains.

Onehunglo what was your stretching routine? I’m thinking of changing to a stretching only routine because I’m scared I’l toughen up my fibres too early on which will prevent me from gaining any length that I would normally just by stretching.

I’m just starting to do stretching more now….before I was doin mostly jelqs. I’ll post results as they come along.

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