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Is stretching and Jelqing alone enough?


Is stretching and Jelqing alone enough?

Hello guys, I am an American soldier currently deployed in Iraq. When i first got here I didn’t have enough privacy to PE but now that I have been here 7 months and as we are well settled in I have a enough privacy to get the PE done.
I am on my fourth week of PE now, and I have 3 1/2 months before I go home to my wife. I want to be able to make some suffiecient gains before then. The only exercises that I have done are stretches and wet jelqs. In about 2 1/2 months I will have to switch to dry Jelqs for convience. I do not measure but it seems by looking that I have made a little gains in girth and length.
My main question is, Is stretching and Jelqing enough to make sufficient gains before I get back home?
How often should I switch up my exercises or incorporate new exercises to prevent Plateau?
Which is better, Wet jelqs or dry jelqs?

My routine: I manual stretch for about ten minutes and I wet jelq doing 300 strokes with the “OK” palm down grip, 100 stroke jelqs with the “OK” palm up grip and 100 stroke jelqs with one hand as the other hand acts as a cock ring. I alos incorporate some 30 second Penis Squeezes. I do almost all of my jelqing at 80-90% erections while usually loosing my erections as I jelq. I stroke the little guy until I am at 90% erection and I start again. I PE 5 days and rest 2 days.


People ususally resort to other methods because they have “plateaued” and aren’t gaining as fast as they were. Jelqing and stretching manually are the staple exercises in my opinion and should be practiced even with all the other fancy exercises. Jelqing in itself gives you a great pumped up feeling after you are done. If you were to stretch and jelq, youd’ gain - the most likely slow down in gaining, which is where you can vary in your stretching and jelqing techniques to induce more gains. A lot of people on here are satisfied with stretching and jelqing.

You might want to try horse 440’s and btb jelqing for improvements on your routine.

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wet jelqs are better than dry for tons of reasons…but either one will work…dry is just a little limited in it’s effect on the penis…lubrication really allows for full jelqs and helps the penis grow easier.

If you want some dry routines to get into though, get into Sadsak Slinky and Uli exercizes…they are both girth but have helped me in the length department too. If you really want to make some good gains, go for those exercizes. Trust me, wifey won’t care too much about an extra inch in length, but an extra inch in girth? Oh boy. =)

Also, don’t do jelqing at that high of an erection rate. It is unwise, you can end up screwing up your dick, not gaining anything, or actually losing (erect jelqers have been known to lose considerable length and girth when they weren’t careful about what they were doing).

My advice…keep up the jelqing, but lower the erection to around 50%. It doesn’t matter if you jelq with a softie…that’s actually more ideal…you want the penis to be quite pliable so you can really stretch the ligs and tissues. Also, incorporate some of those slinkies and Ulis into your routine…that will start adding the girth that women really crave. Sadsak Slinky and Uli exercizes are all in videos, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to look up the link (I’m falling asleep as it is, and I have 5 1/2 hours of sleep and a full day tomorrow ahead of me)…they videos are easy to find though, and I’m sure someone will give you the link.

Have fun and above all, never stop PE! =)

It would be a good idea to do Kegels, I believe. They do great things for your penis. You can do them while at work or school!

thanks for the advice. I thought it was better to Jelq at, at least a 70% erection? I have heard that if is dangerous to jelq at a Full erection and I have read jelqing at full erection is fine, although I have not tried it. I think that I will stick to 50 - 70% erections. Better safe than sorry.

I have tried to understand Uli’s but it seems a bit confusing. Can you direct me to a good thread on Uli’s?

I incorporate kegels throughtout the day, but I don’t do as many as I should. The only hard part about kegels is remembering to do them. Thanks guys!


You didn’t mention “warmup” when you described your routine. Don’t neglect warmup to get the tissues really as soft and pliable as possible. Warmup sets the stage for good things to happen and lowers the risk of injury.

All the Best,


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I just started PEing myself so I’m not able to help in that regard. I just wanted to say that I and all my friends support you in Iraq. Stay alert and come home safe Brother.


I believe you can lay off on the jelqs some and do maybe two sets of stretching at 20 minutes each. jelq for around 5-10 minutes in between and finish off with 10-15 minutes of jelqing after. You’ll be sore every day and you’ll see and feel the difference! The kegels you can do any time and those will be beneficial also. The dry jelqs work pretty good, I only do them if I don’t have any lubricant or time. Good luck and hope your stay in Iraq is not extended and you stay in one piece.

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Wow, some good news. When I jelq, I loose my erection so basically I’m just stretching ‘the dude’ when soft. There’s a little bit of debate over whether you should jelq soft/hard (how hard an erection) and over how long you should perform a stroke. I compromise and do about 200 fast and 200 slow. If I split it 50/50, surely I can’t lose?

I’ll be in a similar situation to you santi :) , I’ve got six months until I join the military, so I hope to make some progress now. I don’t expect the chance to get any done while I’m serving (it’s definitely not something I’d like the other guys to catch me doing).

Santi, I just wanted to add my endorsement of VegasGuy’s best wishes for a safe tour of duty. Take care, and come back with a bigger dick!

WB9x7 (Hank)

Even being a German I would like to wish you all the best over there. Just don’t show your shoe sole to everyone and all will be fine. Get it done mate and then come home in one piece! I wish you the best!

Likewise in the well wishes! You must be pretty stealthy to get off some PE in the middle of War bro, but by all means all power to you!


I second WannaB’s wishes. Come home safe and sound, and with a bigger dick, of course!!


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Thank you for your service. We appreciate your sacrifice. You are the best this country has to offer and you make us proud. As an American Soldier you have my most sincere thanks. It is great honorable work you do. And you are not only the best in the world. Your the best the world has ever seen. And I mean that in ever way.
And this is coming from someone who studies history so i’m not trying to blow smoke.

Thank you

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Thanks for all of the advice and encouraging words guys. Best wishes to you skeletor. Remember, in all that you do, give it your all and let no one else discourage you. Good luck! It helps to know that there are people out there who actually care and think about all of the guys here. The most honorable work is making a difference in other peoples lives, not only in the military but as a civilian as well, so I say thanks to all of you who are civilians right now and are making a difference in others peoples lives as well. Live to serve!

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